the feminine is calling for its integration into business

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In This Business moon
cycle chart,
You Will learn:

how to map your own personal moon with the celestial moon to support your business or creation
how to view business activities from a more feminine perspective
how to build a foundation that will revolutionize how you do business
a little about what it's like inside the feminine code business school
to take your first step towards building your business in a new paradigm: one that weaves the masculine and feminine together in unity
ENTREPRENEUR, TECH CEO, initiated priestess, mba, business expert, taurus sun, sagittarius moon and cancer rising

Hi, I'm Kate.
Your Business BFF+
Divine Feminine Guide.

Having started up, co-founded and run several companies, I'm what I like to call a serial entrepreneur. I love creating businesses. As you can imagine, over the years I've had my share of big mistakes and realizations, as well as big wins and learnings. The Feminine Code Business School is my way of connecting the sacred to business. It combines my business knowledge (BBA, MBA, founder, CEO) and my connection to spirit (initiated priestess and trained in the divine feminine arts) to create a holistic program that serves both your higher self and your bottom line. After seeing firsthand how the feminine is missing from business, I created The Feminine Code Business School to help you navigate business in a way that harnesses the power of your feminine, while weaving it together with the masculine. It's about you creating your own formula based on the foundations that set your business up for success. It's time for you to create what you came here for - and skip a bunch of the trial and error stuff.
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