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1111 Portal Pilgrimage & Retreat to Egypt For Activating Universal Abundance

Join Deborah Hanekamp, Mama Medicine + Kate Murphy for The Sacred 11/11 Portal Pilgrimage & Retreat to Egypt for Activating Universal Abundance. Throughout the journey we will connect to the ancient temples of Egypt to activate the sacred sites and the codes within them for us, for all.
“It is our intention that this retreat will make you feel limitless within the beautiful infinity knot between gratitude and generosity. Move from a place of fragmentation, into alignment with your divine masculine and feminine energies.”
— Deborah & Kate
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This retreat is designed to assist you in transcending outdated ancestral programming and ascending into unity.
You are invited on a journey of remembrance through the 11/11 portal for a pilgrimage to the divine feminine & masculine temples of ancient Egypt.
We will journey with and through the temples of Goddess Isis, Sekhmet and Hathor, the King’s Chamber at Giza as well as Osiris’ temple, while exploring the ancient Egyptian towns of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.

Join us for private activations at these sacred sites, as well as experience the luxury of Egypt along the Nile on a riverboat cruise. This journey has been gracefully curated to create a very unique and comfortable experience for you.    
Our journey will begin in Cairo on November 5th, with an opening ceremony and dinner at our beautiful hotel overlooking the Pyramids on Giza Plateau.

Our first full day will take us to the King’s Chamber for a ceremony with sound healing, as well as a visit to the Sphinx.
On our third day we will journey to Luxor where we will board our Dahabia, our private riverboat cruise, and sail all the way down to Dendera where we will meet Goddess Hathor and her temple.

We will enjoy a beautiful ceremony on board the Dahabia as we make our way overnight to Dendera. Following our visit to Hathor’s temple we will sail back to Luxor and prepare to visit Sekhmet’s and Osiris’ temples in Karnak.
Our journey will complete in Cairo as we travel back to the capital for you to have free time to explore or make your departure.
Prepare for an early morning experience of sound healing in a Hot Air Balloon over the ancient lands of Luxor, as well as a visit to the ancient temple of Hatshepsut.

As we make our way to Aswan, we will visit the original Gates of Isis’ temple as well as the Island of Philae where her temple now stands. We will dive deeply into ceremony around the waters of The Temple of Isis, and enjoy an afternoon sailing on a felucca down the Nile for the afternoon.

Message from Deborah.

This journey into the ancient consciousness of mysterious Egypt feels very familiar yet brand new to me. I know I have had past lives in Egypt and in a DNA test, Egypt was one of the surprising countries that came through and so in a way this retreat feels like honoring my ancestors, but also honoring some ancestral energy within all of human consciousness. Last year, Mary Magdalene started coming through for me very strongly, some say she was a temple trained Egyptian priestess, so I’m really looking forward to seeing if she shows up in any way while we are there.  We will be going to the great pyramid on my birthday. I cannot imagine a better way to kick off the final year of the wild ride my 30’s has been and to be able to celebrate with you in such a powerful place. I’m really looking forward to this being a smaller, more intimate retreat, to be working alongside the Pure and Powerful Kate Murphy who feels like a sister to me and to welcoming both men and women on this retreat. I feel like it will be a very balancing experience to our own divine feminie and divine masculine energies, in a sacred landscape of new beginnings opening up to the endless possibilities of Universal Abundance.
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Message from Kate.

The magic of Egypt is calling us home, yet again. It is mere months since I returned from my first pilgrimage to the ancient lands, and its potent magic has landed deep within my heart. After years of visioning a pilgrimage to this place, to walk the steps that Magdalene may have very well walked, I felt a connection to Egypt as home. If you are feeling called here, it is likely that you too may find this place a home of remembrance. What a blessing it is to travel back with Deborah Hanekamp, both a beloved teacher and sister to me, to hold space for you to make the journey back to these sacred lands of home and heart. As we embark on a pilgrimage through the most incredible temples of the Gods and Goddesses: Isis, Hathor, Sekmet, Osiris and others, we will weave together the unity that is our nature. The energy of abundance is strong as we traverse through the 11/11 portal and do this work on the ley lines if Egypt’s sacred sites. Those who choose to embark on this path will create transformation, both for self as the individual, and for the collective consciousness of humanity.


Retreat Cost:

Single Room at Retreat is $8,888

Double Room at Retreat is $7,777

If a couple attends and wants to share a single room the fee is $7,777 for each person. Please choose the Double Room Option to submit your payment, but send an email to specifying shared single room request.


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