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What is a Feminine Code Circle?

A Feminine Code Circle is an online, or in-person ceremony, in which women come together in community. Kate will lead the group through different aspects of the current moon cycle and offer different energetic healing modalities to the Circle, which can include: sound healing, voice activation, song, yoga, pranayama, breathwork, yoga nidra, reiki, meditation, dance or other techniques. The Circle does not explore business aspects specifically, but rather facilitates a safe space for women to step into their own feminine power, support one’s connection to their higher self and hold space for one’s own healing process.  The power of the Circle is enhanced organically when women come together in a supportive and loving community.
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When do the Feminine Code Circles take place?

Feminine Code Circle ceremonies occur along side certain days that align with cycles of the seasons, the moon phases (waxing, full, new and waning), or on a cross quarter day that is in line with the Wheel of the Year.
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What can I expect in a Feminine Code Circle?

A Feminine Code Circle is a community of women that comes together digitally to energetically to support one another in up levelling wealth, health and happiness. Each circle Kate will support through different modalities. The Circle does not explore business aspects specifically, but rather facilitates a safe space for women to step into their own feminine power, which is the foundation for a successful business
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Single Feminine Code
Circle Ceremony Pass

Ready to try out a digital Feminine Code Circle ceremony? Purchase your one-off pass via this selection. Should you be unable to attend the ceremony live, you will be sent the recording within the following days.
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Private Group Feminine Code Circle Ceremony

The Feminine Code Circle Ceremony for private groups are online or in-person circle ceremonies curated for a specific purpose in mind - they can be for bringing together a group for milestones such as a birthday, a birth, a pregnancy, a bachelorette gathering or other life events that call for a unique celebration. Contact us directly for bookings by the email linked below.

In-Person Feminine Code Circle Ceremony

In-person Feminine Code Circles can be found on the Workshops & Retreats page. Here you will find a list of activities that Kate is doing live and in-person. Kate travels with The Feminine Code, so check out if she is in your city in the upcoming months. If you would like to have Kate hold space at your location, please get connected through the Contact page.

Choose the path to bring more feminine alignment into your life.

Sign up for your online Feminine Code Circle ceremonies here by selecting the Book Here button below. Before sessions you will receive a link for accessing the live stream, and following each session, receive the recording.
  • Single Feminine Code Circle Ceremony Pass
    Single access pass to ONE Feminine Code Circle Ceremony held on either a full moon, new moon or other cross-quarter day. You will receive a recording should you not be able to attend live.
    $26 USD
  • Private Group Feminine Code Virtual or Live Circle
    Bespoke ceremonies live in-person or online are based on a per-person session price. Groups as small as two can request a private Feminine Code Circle Ceremony. You will discuss with Kate the intention for the circle and create a plan especially for your occasion. Private Ceremonies are 75 minutes in length, unless otherwise discussed.
    From $300 USD ($150 per person, minimum 2 persons)
    Register on E-mail
  • In-Person Feminine Code Circle
    Join Kate live and in-person for a Feminine Code Circle - Kate often runs New Moon, Full Moon and cross-quarter day ceremonies all around the world. You can find her schedule on the Workshops and Retreats page.
    Price on Venue's Website
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