May 30th, 2022

The Feminine Code Circle New Moon Ceremony in Gemini

This virtual even will be held online live with Kate leading a New Moon Ceremony. Womxn from anywhere welcome.
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Join Kate for a womxn's circle & ceremony working with the lunar energies. Each Feminine Code Circle is crafted with the energies of the lunar cycle and/or season in mind. This is a digital ceremony and is for womxn.

Welcome to the New Moon Ceremony

In Depth:

Welcome to an evening of sisterhood in circle for this New Moon.

We will meet online to come together in circle. Each circle has similarities and differences. You can expect meditation, voice activation, sound healing, writing and different avenues of exploring who you truly are -- and how to open your heart.

This can range from Breathwork, Journeying and Dance to Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing. We will see what the energy of the circle needs.

As this is a digital ceremony, please meet online a few minutes before to make sure your technology is working. Find a private space where you won't be disturbed during the ceremony.


The workshop will be held online.

A Zoom link will be provided in advance of the session.


None Required.


Wear clothing that feels comfortable and expressive of you for ceremony. There may be light movement.


Have with you a special object to charge on your own altar, bring a journal and a pen, water bottle and an open heart.


19:00 CET - 20:30 CET

13:00 EST - 14:30 EST

10:00 PST - 11:30 PST


⊙ Bring a pillow and/or blanket

⊙ Bring a journal & pen

⊙ Have with you a candle & any other allies you wish to have (flowers, crystals etc.)

⊙ Please download and install Zoom beforehand.

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initiated priestess, WITH A GROUNDED APPROACH, taurus sun, sagittarius moon and cancer rising

Hi, I'm Kate.
Your Sister & Divine
Feminine Guide.

Dear Sister, I am so grateful to meet you here. My name is Kate, a name that both means pure, but is also the root of the Greek Goddess of magic, Hecate. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, but spent a majority of my adult life living in Norway. I've crossed the threshold of the spiritual and the very material world, having started up, co-founded and run several companies, so I am what I like to call a spiritual serial entrepreneur. Since I was a child, I was interested in the mystical, nature and practiced what I now know as a remembrance of my priestess heritage. I was also asking a lot of questions - namely in my Sunday school about "where is the feminine?" I always wondered where were the stories of the women? And why was it so important Mary was a virgin and Mary Magdalene had no voice? I knew in my bones that the feminine was to rise and I would be part of that movement. As I grew, I studied and taught yoga, delved deep into my Celtic priestess lineage and became an initiated Priestess of Mary Magdalene, The Rose Lineage, and The Golden Age. My wish for all beings everywhere is that the feminine may rise to her divine place, and meet the divine masculine in its glory.  My work centres around the holding the flame of the feminine, nature and how we rise healed and whole to do what we came here for. I look forward to connecting with you soon, Sister.