Meet Kate Murphy

Conscious Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, MBA, Investor, Spirit Seeker and Founder of The Feminine Code

A lifelong passion for business

I started my first “company” at the age of 12, selling hand-rolled beeswax candles - at a young age I knew business was in my blood. As I grew, I started to gear my studies towards business, completing my BBA and MBA both in Canada and France. By the age of 23, I had co-founded a successful national dance convention hiring So You Think You Can Dance alumni to tour the country teaching large scale classes (this business is still thriving today). I loved the independence and freedom of being an entrepreneur, from both a financial and lifestyle perspective. It wasn’t long before I travelled around the world to do it again, and again.

Tech CEO in a masculine business world

As I continued my entrepreneurial endeavours, I found myself in the synchronous place of becoming the co-founder that started the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen’s company, Play Magnus Group AS, where I served as CEO for 7 years. Successfully growing the company from start-up to scale-up in the masculine-dominated tech and chess space, I experienced the reality: feminine values - and executive level women - were missing from the traditional business world. It was then that I knew that the disconnect between my career and my authentic self needed to be reconciled. I began to weave the feminine into my leadership role, and not only did I thrive, but so did the business.

Harnessing the power of feminine energy

In parallel with my demanding professional career, I was deeply immersed in my spiritual journey. From a young age, I was drawn to the magic and mystery of nature and our galaxy. As I grew, I studied and taught yoga, delved deep into my Celtic priestess heritage and became an initiated Priestess of Magdalene, The Rose Lineage, and The Golden Age. My spiritual journey also took me to train in many energetic healing modalities. In 2019, it was time to fully live my truth. It was then I created The Feminine Code Business School, to capture both masculine business methodology and deep feminine wisdom. My wish is for women everywhere, may be inspired to create a life that is truly authentic and in line with what they are here to do. It is my mission to help you unlock your feminine power in both your life and the business world. I can't wait to connect with you on your journey.

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