Meet Kate Murphy

Initiated & Ordained High Priestess, Entrepreneur, Speaker, MBA, Investor, and Founder of The Feminine Code

A lifelong passion for business & spirit.

From a young age, I was drawn to the great mystery of nature - both of the earthly and celestial realms. On the earthly side, I was entrepreneurial in spirit. I started my first business at the age of 12, selling hand-rolled beeswax candles. Something about sovereignty and self-creation struck a strong chord with me. Eventually I ended up completing my BBA and MBA between Canada and France and at the age of 23, I co-founded Canada's most successful national dance convention, iDance Convention. It wasn’t long before I took off around the world for new adventures - leading me to the next 12 year chapter, which I would spend in Norway.

The tech CEO role that shifted my perspective.

Tech CEO in a masculine
business world

As I continued my entrepreneurial endeavours, I co-founded Play Magnus Group AS, the World Chess Champion's company, where I served as CEO for over 7 years. Successfully growing the company from start-up to scale-up (we went public when I left in 2020), the masculine-dominated tech and chess space, showed me a few harsh realities: feminine values - and more generally, executive level women - were missing from the business world. It was then that I knew that the disconnect between my career and my authentic self needed to be reconciled. I began to weave the feminine into my work, and not only did I thrive, but so did the business.

The Feminine Code awakens.

Harnessing the power of
feminine energy

In parallel with my demanding professional career, I was deeply immersed in my spiritual journey. From a young age I began studying and eventually teaching yoga, studying many different healing modalities, delving deeply into my Celtic priestess heritage and initiated as both Priestess & High Priestess in several lineages. Eventually it became clear that I was to bring together all parts of me and The Feminine Code was born, the first expression of which was The Feminine Code Business School. TFCBS is the first training of its kind combining real business methodology and deep feminine wisdom. As this container continues to evolve, I serve from this place: women everywhere, may be inspired to create a life that is their highest expression and fully embodied - one that welcomes all sides of self.

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