Kate Murphy

The Feminine Code Business School:
A revolutionary 8-week training to
help you start & grow your business,
connecting to the power of the feminine.
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the only business school combining sacred & strategy

The Feminine Code Business School

The Feminine Code Business School is an 8-week comprehensive online training combining practical business knowledge with your divine feminine power. Designed for women ready to create or grow their business harnessing the power of the sacred.
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the sACRED sisterhood you've been waiting for

The Feminine
Code Collective

An online monthly mystery school supporting you to cultivate your divine feminine wisdom. The Feminine Code Collective is a membership that includes bi-weekly ceremonies with Kate, archetypal mystic teachings, meditations, energetic healing modalities, magic and more.

The Collective is your home for connecting to other womxn around the world who are doing the work to embody, heal and empower the feminine within.
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1:1 Business Consulting with Kate

Transform your current business and get bespoke support for what you are here to create - one-on-one with Kate over a series of months. Working with Kate supports you to deep-dive into your own and your business’ core issues, as well as the blocks you are facing in your business' next steps. Learn to build a business rooted in the feminine.
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Free My Purpose
Mini Course

The best place to start if you're new to Kate's work is here. If you’re stuck on a new business idea, or just feeling a little uncertain of what you want to do in the world, join the mini course anytime to begin your own self-discovery.

Take the My Purpose Mini Course absolutely FREE to start your exploration in the world of divine feminine business.
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Free Meditation for Business Abundance

Dive into this free meditation for business abundance with Kate, as you are transported on a journey. In this meditation you will learn to connect to your authenticity that is the basis for building personal wealth. The energetic shift starts here.
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Workshops & Retreats

“The day I completed the Feminine Code Business School I made my first sale and it was to my dream client: an international celebrity.”


About Kate

Having started up, co-founded and run several companies - including leading as a tech CEO for a nearly 8 years - I'm what I like to call a serial entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur who is seriously into Spirit. My passions are on both sides of the spectrum: business strategy and spiritual exploration. Over the years I've had my share of big mistakes, as well as big wins and learnings. This is my story...
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“It changed not only my business for the better, but my life. Adding the feminine to business is revolutionary!”

- Elizabeth, founder & celebrity chef