Feminine Code Priestess Initiatory
Training & Mentorship

The deepest most powerful journey we ever take is the one that spirals into our own hearts, wombs, and souls. Reconnect with the ancient ways of your lineage and the codes within you in this 13 moon year-and-a-day priestess mentorship and initiation.
The Feminine Code Priestess Mentorship & Initiation portal with Kate has a very limited number of spots each year. This container is for only the most committed sisters wanting to spiral deeply with the divine feminine, rise up to take their place as Priestess, and change their lives and the world. The entire journey is guided and held in a one-to-one mentorship container.
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A sacred remembering

A sacred remembering of the well of wisdom within you. Journey with Kate in this bespoke and intimate portal in this one-to-one priestess mentorship and training, culminating in your own initiation as Priestess. Over the course of 13 moons - a year-and-a-day portal of this sacred mystery school - you will reawaken the priestess within and re-initiate into the path your heart has always known.

Revive the rose codes, the grail codes, the Sophia codes, and nature’s codes within every area of your life.

Spiral with the divine feminine to the deepest corners of yourself, the shadows, and the encodements that are ready for reactivation.

It is time, Sister.

This is not your average
Priestess Training…

In this alchemical portal, you will be connecting through a deep mentorship that spirals you each month deeper into the truth of who you truly are and what you came here to do. Working one-to-one in this portal gives you a completely bespoke activation that is tailored just for you and your journey - no two journeys are alike. In this container, you will work with Kate directly to both learn the ways of the Priestess and deepen in your own mystical gifts.
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What is the way of the priestess inside The Feminine Code?

The Feminine Code’s priestess path is non-dogmatic, in the sense that you initiate as a sovereign priestess unto yourself, with the alchemy of Divine Feminine wisdom. All sisters are welcome here - all beliefs from all places. The Feminine Code Priestess Mentorship with Kate combines several different lineages, those that Kate has studied and initiated in, including that of her Celtic heritage. Kate’s initiations include Mary Magdalene’s Priestess lineage, High Priestess of Mary Magdalene Rose Lineage, Priestess of Avalon, and Priestess of the Golden Age (ancient Egypt). Weaving together the earthly paths with the celestial, you will embark on a journey within Great Nature and the Feminine Code. Throughout the mentorship, you will journey with many guides, including Mary Magdalene, archetypes, and Goddesses. The mentorship is bespoke and dependent upon your own needs within the container.

What is included in the Priestess Mentorship?

Aside from the transformation, liberation, and expansion the Feminine Code Priestess Mentorship also includes:
One 90-minute one-to-one Opening Ceremony & Introduction to the Mentorship, live with Kate
One 90-minute one-to-one Initiation Ceremony & Closing of the portal, Guided by Kate
Eleven monthly 90-minute one-to-one Live Sacred Sessions with Kate discovering the teachings, receiving healings, and learning embodiment practices together
Bespoke journeys and meditations created just for you are delivered at each High Holy Day & Cross-Quarter Festival (8 in total)
Guidance for the creation of your own bi-weekly ceremonies and alchemical rituals (part of your homework)
Reading recommendations, journal prompts, and monthly guidance
Bespoke embodiment practices aligning with your own codes and healing path
Written correspondence homework with Kate that includes further guidance
Optional: Access to all Feminine Code Collective Circles for the duration of the one-year Mentorship so you may be in the community and apprentice with Kate
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Who is The Feminine Code Priestess Mentorship for?

For she who is ready to spiral to the deepest levels of her soul and is:
Seeking a path to embodied leadership
Feeling the sacred flame of desire for a life with deeper meaning and purpose
Desires to learn the ancient and sacred ways of the divine feminine on this earthly plane and the celestial in a way that is deeper and more focused than group trainings or courses
Wanting a deeper understanding of the divine feminine, the womb space, and the grail mysteries
Committed to going deep into her own shadow and disowned parts of herself to reclaim
Committed to her own healing and believes that the healing power is within herself
Of the belief that healing the sisterhood wound is one of the many paths toward planetary healing
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About Your Guide Kate

Kate is an Initiated and Ordained High Priestess of the Rose Lineage, descending from the Magdalene line. She has also studied and trained within The Golden Age Lineage (ancient Egypt), and is also an initiated Priestess of Avalon. Additionally, Kate’s ancestral Celtic Priestess heritage influences much of her work and she weaves her teachings with these different influences which combine into what she refers to as The Feminine Code. The core of all these teachings is rooted in nature, based on love and therefore her non-dogmatic approach is accessible to all women who are open to the alchemy of the Divine Feminine & Great Nature.

Kate’s devotion to the divine feminine permeates through all her work including her business endeavours, where she weaves the divine masculine and feminine aspects together to help women create and scale businesses that are aligned and successful. She is a Ceremonialist, a TEDx speaker, and has hosted numerous retreats around the world in locations such as Bali, Egypt, and Norway. Alongside her intuitive gifts, Kate has also studied and certified in a host of healing modalities. You can learn more about Kate here...


Over the course of the year-and-a-day Priestess Mentorship, you will move through what Kate refers to as Spirals - each with their own unique Guide, teachings, and practices. Since each mentorship is sacred in its unique codes, it is important that you are comfortable with entering the mystery of whomever or whatever arrives for you. Your journey will unfold like an unfurling flower, perfect for you at this time. Ultimately you will arrive at the point where you will be guided through your own sovereign initiation.
Here are just some examples of what you may experience, learn and explore within the year-and-a-day Temple portal: the Rose Codes, rituals of the grail & womb, the elemental wisdom of Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether, sacred journeys with mystical guides and divine feminine teachers, the symbolism of the divine feminine, sacred song and sound codes, embodiment practices & rituals, among a plethora of other mystical teachings.
This is a mentorship that requires full commitment from you. It is suitable only for those who are ready to take full responsibility for their own journey, dive into advanced priestess work, and are receptive and open to diving deeply into the depths of their own spiraling soul.
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“My heart is full with gratitude. The wisdom , energy, inspiration, support, and compassion Kate has offered during this time together, is next level. The workload and content is just perfect and aligned as it is. Thank you so much.”
- Kamila
“Kate is a giving, kind, positive leader who has the experience in business and life to help you evolve into the … woman you are meant to be. Do it, you are worth this investment in yourself.”
- Lisa
“Kate is love embodied. Working with her was so much more than learning something new, it was an experience through my body, senses, and soul. She mirrored to me the love and wisdom I carry and did so with such grace and compassion.”
- Kelly
“I have such overwhelming love for Kate and all that she is bringing into the world. I feel like I am at the beginning of a new journey because of her…Thank you.”
- Melanie
“Kate is an amazing space holder, she shares her wisdom with love and passion, and I immediately trusted her and felt connected with her. It was a lot of change on a personal level.”
- Mari Marte

What a month can look like inside
The Feminine Code Priestess Mentorship

Following your application, and if accepted, you will receive a suggested time for a 20- minute discovery call with Kate to ensure the path feels right for both parties. Additionally, you will receive a bespoke program proposal following the call should you wish to move forward.
If you have any questions before completing our application, please send them to: thefemcode@thisiskatemurphy.com.
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