If you're looking to work with Kate in a one-on-one capacity, you're in the right place. There are two mentorship tracks for which you can apply: The Initiatory Priestess Mentorship or The Feminine Code Business Mentorship.

1:1 Business Mentorship

Create from Your Authentic Truth

Transform your life through the current of your business and get bespoke support for what you are here to create - one-on-one with Kate over a series of months. Working with Kate supports you to deep-dive into your business’ core issues, or, that which stops you from your business’ next steps. Whether you have your business on the fast track or you’re looking for guidance before “pushing play” on your new venture, each session is tailored to you and your business’ needs.


1:1 Priestess Mentorship

Remember Who You Are

The deepest most powerful journey we ever take is the one that spirals into our own hearts, wombs, and souls. Reconnect with the ancient ways of your lineage and the codes within you in this 13 moon year-and-a-day priestess mentorship and initiation. This container is for only the most committed sisters wanting to spiral deeply with the divine feminine, rise up to take their place as Priestess, and change their lives and the world. The entire journey is guided and held in a one-to-one mentorship container.

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