Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Lughnasadh with Ritual Suggestions

The Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius arrives this week, on August 11th at 6:36 PM PT.  Air sign Aquarius is bringing in the winds of change - its ruler Uranus is the rebel, the one that uproots and brings with it great evolution. With that energy, also comes the Aquarian nature of the Visionary, the one that rebels and brings in the change that dismantles old paradigms.

This Full Moon is connected to the sun in Leo, and if we think back to the New Moon in Leo earlier this month, it marked the beginning of the lunar cycle in which we are now.  Further to that, we have passed the Solar Gate of Lughnasadh (which was August 7th, when the Sun was 15 degrees Leo - and the lunar gate closes on this full moon) and the Star Gate of Lion’s Gate, which peaked this week in Egypt (and will happen at different times around the world in the weeks ahead).

Despite the fact we have passed Solar Lughnasadh, we are now at the point of Lunar Lughnasadh. Lughnasadh is the sacred harvest festival and the point between Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox. During this time we connect to both abundance and gratitude). You can read more about that in this post here.

At the same time, Saturn is conjunct the moon and creating with it that stern teacher energetic. We are getting lessons, and so expect the shadow to be illuminated during this time. It can be a challenge to have that reminder that you still have “work to do,” but remember, you are supported by these forward-moving signs of Aquarius and Leo to take the next step. At the same time, the Leo energy is very individual, while the Aquarius is about the collective, so we also have the energy of how we are here to serve and how we are here to show up in the world to help the collective.

Aquarius is the humanitarian and the sign is here to provide the vision for the future — and to do so through service. At the full Aquarian Moon, you are being given the space to release that which stands in the way of your gifts, your sacred service.

Some Ritual Suggestions for the Aquarius Full Sturgeon Moon & Lunar Lughnasadh:
  • Give Gratitude for the Plenty: At the competition of this harvest that has been, a final thanksgiving can be made for all the gifts. Gifts of experiences, including those that have been challenging during this time, are especially potent to reflect on at this time. Consider writing each one down on paper and putting it under the moonlight.

  • Voice Your Truth - Speaking your words into the wind, get clear on where you are seeking and needing a great change in your life. As this Saturn/Uranus conjunction comes to a peak next month, state your intentions of how you wish to work with this energy for your future and the life you wish to live.

  • Wild in Nature - If possible, consider finding your wild woman and standing in the moonlight without clothing - or even swim naked under the moonlight. Allow yourself to feel the freedom that resides within you when you take off the shackles of society’s expectations and rules.

  • Aquarius is the archetype of the Visionary - get clear by the light of this moon about what your vision is for this next chapter. What are you bringing into fruition as we move into the next two harvests in the Wheel of the Year?

Have a wonderful Full Moon and Lunar Lughnasadh!


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