Full Moon in Leo Rituals

Concluding this Aquarian season with the archetypal Wild Woman, who is connected to our Full Snow Moon in lionhearted-Leo. We have come out of the Imbolc portal and now all the planets have moved direct. We are, indeed, in the quickening.

Today we connect to the energies of the full snow moon, as we etch our ways out of the darkness of winter. Basking in her shining energy, she reminds us that darkness can only exist because there is light. Darkness cannot fill the light, only light can fill the dark. And even though this bright shining is temporary, for this moment, we can see it all.

The Full Moon is a time to see clearly. When the moon shines bright she lets us view all parts of ourselves, especially our shadow. She gives us the space to look at where we want to go and allows us to see if we are walking on the right path. Which begs the question: Am I walking on the right path for me?

This Full Moon shining in Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac, making it a fixed sign. Your truth, your heart, and your wild are your nature - but how often do you let it move through you into a fully expressed state? If you can feel yourself, use the energy of this astrology to open up your throat and roar from your belly, dance from your hips, take the risk and watch what magic flows.  Give yourself permission this Full Moon to let your inner-wild roam free.

Also happening is Venus and Mars coming together - the divine feminine meets the divine masculine. How apt that this occurs on February 14th, during the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Watch now for themes around expansion in love and partnership, especially between the masculine and feminine archetypal relationships. This will be happening two times in the next couple of weeks, so feel into this portal of the lovers and what it means to you. The first time happens in Visionary Aquarius, who is also the humanitarian, while the second time it takes place in Capricorn, the structured and determined one. Watch in between this portal what happens in your own relationships as it comes to death and rebirth - beginning again and again.

During this Aquarian season, we have been accompanied by the wildflower Heather, also known as Ur in Tree Ogham.

Heather is a lot like Leo. She is Wild! You can see her blanket entire fields in her purple and pink petals, but underneath, there is a totally wild and spindly nature to her roots. They hide the dark parts and so while she may seem beautiful, safe, and wild on the outside, underneath, there are certainly some shadows that require a little light shed upon them before you want to traverse the field. This Full Moon invites you to walk through the dark spots and navigate the root systems that brought you to where you are today. To discover the underlying truth of yourself. And perhaps even shed light on the question: From what have you been hiding?

To accompany you along this Full Moon in Leo journey here are some suggested practices:

  • Candles: To bring the moonlight indoors and shine light into all corners of your space
  • Heather or other wildflowers that bloom during this time: Place on your altar to bring in the wild energy, as well as the calming essence of purple into your space
  • Dance! Get into your hips, and move! Shake your body and your bones to release
  • Drumming or Rhythmic Instruments: Vibration deeply impacts our body and by drumming on our body or stomping our feet into the earth, we are spreading high vibrations and acclimatizing ourselves to our own heartbeat as well as that of the earth’s
  • Howl at the snow moon! Call out to it and get a little crazy!
  • Adorn your lioness self and dress up in a way that makes you feel most authentically you
  • Scry under the  moonlight - a practice of staring into a bowl of water or a mirror that reflects the moonlight and watch what images come to you
  • Connect to your spirit animal and the wild side of yourself, what are they asking you to embody?

Enjoy, Wild One!


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