Why January is Not the New Year

As the calendar flips to January, a sense of anticipation and renewal fills the air — but it isn’t nature providing us this… rather the collective consciousness of the New Year. I feel like continuing my hibernation with candles and something warm to drink… maybe I’m not alone in this?

Have you ever paused to wonder why we celebrate the New Year in the heart of winter? In a time when the world seems to be in a deep slumber, is it truly the moment for new beginnings?

The Energy of January

January, with its short days and long, chilly nights, seems counterintuitive for kickstarting new ventures and life-altering resolutions. While society pushes us to emerge energized and ready to conquer our goals, nature tells a different story. The energy of winter is not one of bustling activity, but rather of rest and introspection. Bears hibernate, trees stand bare, and the earth itself seems to hold its breath in a quiet repose. This season metaphorically, and sometimes literally, mirrors a state of sleep.

Deciding on January 1st as the New Year

The choice of January 1st as New Year's Day is more an artifact of history than a reflection of natural rhythms. It was the Church that earmarked this date, a decision more aligned with administrative convenience than the natural order of the world. And yet, despite various options at our disposal – phases of the moon, equinoxes, solstices – we find ourselves marking a new beginning in what is essentially a practical dead zone in the natural world.

Alternatives for the New Year

In many ancient cultures, the New Year began with the advent of Spring, a time when the earth awakens and life bursts forth in a symphony of colors and sounds. It's a time of natural renewal and rejuvenation, a stark contrast to the quiet, introspective energy of January.

Nurturing during January

For those of us in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere, January is a time to hunker down, to nourish ourselves with the warmth of hearty meals, and to survive the harshness of winter. It's a period to gather our strength, to dream and plan rather than leap into action. The stillness and quiet of winter offer a unique opportunity to reflect, to look inward, and to prepare ourselves for the year ahead gently and thoughtfully.

As we navigate through the chilly days of January, let's embrace the mysterious wisdom of nature. Let's allow ourselves the grace to rest, to dream, and to slowly awaken as the earth does. Our new year doesn't have to start with a bang. It can begin with a whisper, a gentle stirring under the frost, waiting for the right moment to emerge into the light of spring.

In this way, January becomes not a month of forceful beginnings but a sacred space for gentle preparations. It's an invitation to align with the quieter, more reflective energy of winter, setting the stage for a year that unfolds in harmony with the natural world around us.

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