The fact you have arrived here aleady speaks volumes. If you've been feeling a call in your soul to embrace the teachings of the sacred feminine and remember its power, you have landed in the right place. Regardless if you are here with an interest of ceremony, the Priestess Path or business, you are remembering. I look forward to seeing how our paths come together and how I can be of service to both you and your sovereign path.

Restoring the divine feminine to its rightful place, in unity, is a guiding light in my life's mission. I am grateful that you landed here -you are welcome.

Feminine Code Business School

Build a Business Rooted in the Feminine

An 8-week online immersion into starting or building a business, the feminine way. It is the first training of its kind, using practical business frameworks that are woven together with sacred feminine wisdom and nature's cycles. It combines the sacred and strategy. You will learn to connect yourself and your business to the cycles, seasons, elements, the body's own cycle and to the power of the divine feminine. The Feminine Code Business School is practical for building and growing your new business, or, for helping you elevate the business you already have.


Feminine Code Priestess School

Remember the Sacred Feminine

The Feminine Code Priestess School is a haven for the modern woman looking to deepen her connection with the sacred and divine feminine. Within this space, women from all over the world delve into the sacred ancient arts, rituals, wisdom, teachings, and ceremonies. The school houses different courses, ceremonies, workshops and events, and is home to The Feminine Code's Priestess Initiatory Path. Begin your journey to initiating as priestess here.

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The Sacred Spiral Priestess Journey

Begin Your Initiatory Walk

The Sacred Spiral is the first year of the Priestess initiatory path. This year-and-a-day Priestess Journey is guided by the wisdom of the sacred seasons, the Wheel of The Year, the elements, and the directions. As we call back the wisdom of the ancients, we are breathing new life into the wisdom ways. The Sacred Spiral Priestess Training is here to weave nature’s mystery and powerful traditions back into our daily lives, so that you may have a more sacred experience in this lifetime. It is here you begin your initiatory walk.


1:1 Business Mentorship

Create from Your Authentic Truth

Transform your life through the current of your business and get bespoke support for what you are here to create - one-on-one with Kate over a series of months. Working with Kate supports you to deep-dive into your business’ core issues, or, that which stops you from your business’ next steps. Whether you have your business on the fast track or you’re looking for guidance before “pushing play” on your new venture, each session is tailored to you and your business’ needs.


1:1 Priestess Mentorship

Remember Who You Are

The deepest most powerful journey we ever take is the one that spirals into our own hearts, wombs, and souls. Reconnect with the ancient ways of your lineage and the codes within you in this 13 moon year-and-a-day priestess mentorship and initiation. This container is for only the most committed sisters wanting to spiral deeply with the divine feminine, rise up to take their place as Priestess, and change their lives and the world. The entire journey is guided and held in a one-to-one mentorship container.

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Dive into Our Free Offerings

The below resources are gifts for you - absolutely free. I hope they will give you a little taste of The Feminine Code methodology and what is to come when you begin to weave your feminine magic into all that you do in this world. Enjoy!

The Wheel of The Year

Get Your Free Workbook

Explore the age-old potency of following nature's wisdom to foster a stronger connection with the divine. In this workbook, you will learn how to embrace nature's rhythms, and gain insight into actively working with the High Holy Days. This beautiful workbook was created with both practicality and magic in mind. When we start to work more consciously with the rhythms of nature - and its great wisdom - we can create a life that feels more aligned with our own true nature.

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Business Moon Cycle Map

Weaving the Feminine into Your Business

Unlike traditional business practices, there is another way of creating your work and bringing new projects to life that honors both the masculine and the feminine. My famous Business Moon Cycle Map helps you weave in the feminine and attune your business endeavours to the cycles of the moon.

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My Purpose Mini Course

Take the Free & Virtual Mini Course

If you’re stuck on a new business idea, or just feeling a little uncertain of your purpose, then this training is for you. Inside, I'll be offering you guidance on what you came here to do. Start exploring below.

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Cycle Magic

4 Rituals for Everyday Life

If you're new to the sacred side of your life's experience, download this guide for some very simple ways to integrate the sacred cycles in your everyday life. It will help you to create rituals for every phase of your cycle (and the lunar cycle).

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Meditation for Business Abundance

Business Abundance is about Energy

Learn how to weave in the feminine and combine the sacred with the strategic for an enhanced business experience. The transformative power is within you, so natural and strong, waiting to be harnessed and brought out into the world.

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