Abundance on Lion’s Gate and Solar Lughnasadh

In this powerful alignment of Solar Lughnasadh and Lion's Gate (where the heliacal rise of Sirius takes place — that is, it rises before the sun at the point of Giza in Egypt), a celestial dance echoes the changing seasons and cosmic energies. At this time, a gentle invitation emerges: to shift our focus from the external world to the abundance within us and around us.

Embodying Abundance

The world urges us to chase abundance externally, often leaving us trapped in endless pursuit…

But true abundance is actually an energy. It has nothing to do with things. It is an energy we all hold within us, like a wellspring that is either trickling, flowing, or waiting to be tapped.

Abundance is also very linked to gratitude; however, gratitude is often practiced with the idea that “as we give more gratitude, that which we are thankful for will become more abundant.”

But gratitude is far more powerful when practiced as a recognition of the abundance that is — without the expectation or even hope that more comes as a result of this practice.

By perceiving abundance this way, we liberate ourselves from ceaseless running, recognizing it as a state of contentment in being present.

True abundance emerges from within, manifesting as a sense of fulfillment and richness that permeates every aspect of our existence. Gratitude serves as the cornerstone of this energy of abundance, reminding us to appreciate and honor all the blessings that are.

Liberation from the Chase

By embracing gratitude as a core practice of experiencing abundance, we free ourselves from the relentless pursuit of the outside. Additionally, the notion of abundance transforms from a distant horizon we strive to reach to a present state of our experience.

Gratitude empowers us to recognize the treasures that exist in our lives right now, be it the relationships that nurture us, the experiences that enrich us, or the smallest moments that bring us joy. This shift in perspective liberates us from the ceaseless running after material gain (which will eventually come to us so effortlessly) inviting us to pause, reflect, and embrace the richness that is already ours and so very present in our lives.

The Cosmic Synchronicity of Solar Lughnasadh and Lion's Gate

The synchronicity of Solar Lughnasadh and Lion's Gate amplifies the energetics of abundance. Solar Lughnasadh, the celebration of the first harvest, and Lion's Gate, a portal of heightened cosmic energy related to the divine number of 8 (which in itself is connected to the infinity symbol), converge in a symphony of celestial energies.

This harmonious event reaches its peak on the 8th of August when the heliacal rise of Sirius takes place at Giza, in Egypt. The date of 08.08 reminds us that 8 serves as a symbol for both abundance and infinity. The notion of infinity eradicates the limitations of time, thus rendering the state of abundance unbounded and independent of temporal and spatial constraints. It becomes increasingly apparent that abundance is simply a form of energy, accessible to us at any juncture in our lives, regardless of external influences.

This alignment also reminds us of the interconnectedness of all life forms and cosmic rhythms - the abundance of the Earth being so gracefully connected with the abundance of the stars.

A Final Note

By understanding that the essence of abundance flows from within, we liberate ourselves from the relentless and stressful pursuit of that which is outside of us and instead, embrace a life of contented presence.


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