Lions Gate and Star Gate Portal Rituals

If you’re in the spiritual community, there is no doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about the Lion’s Gate and all the things it means and does. However, all the excitement around 08/08 is ever so slightly limiting.

Eight is a powerful number and symbol, and two of them together, is doubly so. Eight relates to infinity, giving and receiving, abundance, new beginnings, death, and rebirth. But here’s the thing about Lion’s Gate (when there is a Heliacal Rise of the star Sirius), it only rose around Egypt’s latitude on 08/08. In fact, it can be days, or even weeks later in other parts of the world, but it is seen as most important on 08/08 as it is said to activate the pyramids at Giza and then run its energy through the energetic leylines around the rest of the world - and the body’s energetic lines, the DNA. With all that being said, the portal is still very much open.

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The Lion’s Gate portal is marked by the Sun in Leo, which then occurs at the same time as Sirus’ heliacal rise.  Some say the portal opened around July 26th and stays open until August 12th (at the end of Perseid’s meteor shower). However, some can start to feel it as early as July 22nd, both Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day and the sun’s transition into Leo, running until the sun transitions into Virgo (August 22nd).

This time is also marked by a strong rise in the Solar Feminine. The Solar Feminine energy is the fire of the feminine. We have a tendency to talk about how the feminine is soft and fluid, watery and earthy, nurturing and calm, which she is, but there are other aspects of her that are fiery and fierce.

The Solar Feminine is here to set clear boundaries, to be heard, to say “no,” and express herself clearly. She is the ruler of a healthy solar plexus chakra and has a balance in her ego.

During this transition and transformation, remember to stay grounded in your body and with the earth.

  • Spend time outside connecting your feet to the ground and soaking in the energetic frequency of the earth at this time - feel into the leylines coming alive with this upgraded energy.

  • Hold yourself accountable for speaking your truth and holding your boundaries. Your inner fire is supported at this time, so take stock of where you need to speak up, and where you need to decline the offer.

  • Move the body, especially around the abdominal area - twist and open up the space around the stomach - shine the light with some backbends, and move to detoxify the body.

  • Get wild - literally howl at the full moon, skinny dip, run wild in nature, dance in public places, laugh loudly, let your hair run naturally untamed, and allow yourself to be raw and free.

Sending many blessings for this time, Lionness.


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