What is The Feminine Code & how does it relate to Business?

The Feminine Code is not a new concept. In fact, it is just as old as human life, and some aspects much, much older. How it is applied today, however, is different. The Feminine Code gives us the key to work with - and utilize- the wisdom of nature to thrive. As we pay attention to this innate intelligence, we are able to live a life that is much more in flow, in tune, in all aspects from one's health, wellness, business and relationships.

As beings on this earth in the current times we are in, we have separated ourselves from nature, this is the truth. This separation is one of the contributing factors for the incredible amount of stress, and depression in our society and while it is the most simple of cures, we don't take note.

The Feminine Code is a concept but also a practice - a way of life that helps one go back to nature and the absolute truth within it. The Feminine Code is taking ones awareness to the wisdom of nature, the moon's phases and cycles, the elements, the seasons and weaves them into different areas of one's life. The principles of The Feminine Code can be utilized across any area of one's life.

One of the areas that I am most passionate about transmuting is the business world - as a woman who has worked in traditional business executive roles, as well as studied business in very traditional institutions, I became acutely aware of the eradication of the feminine wisdom from business. There was very little to be found in the way of the feminine. Everything was about bottom line, cutting people out, slicing and dicing, pillaging the environment to make more money regardless of the impacts and those affected by the decisions that were not considered important stakeholders.

While we have seen some shifts and more attention to the wrong doings, there has been less emphasis on changing the root of the issue: that there is very little value placed upon feminine values. This starts early, in our family homes growing up, in our education systems and it is only perpetuated within our businesses and societal systems.

So what are feminine values? Values such as community, compassion, kindness, gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity. In order to shift our businesses and up-level them to serve every stakeholder better, feminine traits such as intuition, entire picture perspective (and its affects), connection and collaboration should become part of a business' culture. Imagine the difference in decisions being made if both the masculine and feminine were balanced in business? Decisions that take into account all aspects and those affected - making room for minimizing the negative impact said decisions have on the people and the planet.

It is important to note that this by no means discounts the value and importance of the masculine in business, but rather, highlights that the feminine is missing. In order for businesses in today's society to thrive and grow, attention must be had to finding a balance between the masculine and feminine values.

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