What is the Spiritual Meaning of Snake?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Snake?

The snake has long been revered as a symbol of wisdom and transformation in various spiritual traditions. The snake sheds its skin, leaving behind the old and embracing the new—a metaphor for personal growth and renewal. In Hinduism, the serpent deity, known as Nagas, represents the dual nature of creation and destruction, embodying the cyclical nature of life. Similarly, ancient Egyptian traditions linked the snake with many deities such as the powerful goddess Wadjet, who was believed to protect and guide the pharaohs, or the serpent god Sata, son of the earth and guardian of the underworld. According to ancient Egyptian mythology, snakes could be invoked to promote healing, protection, and recovery. Paradoxically, they also possess the potential to cast curses and unleash danger.

What is the Meaning of Snake in Dreams?

Snakes in dreams are often seen as something quite scary or confronting, other times, they seem to keep to themselves and appear in the distance but are noticed. They arrive in different colors, shapes, and sizes and each of these aspects has its own meaning. While the snake in dreams can mean transformation (changed, but not completely), it can also mean transmutation (something completely new) - something is moving from one form to another form, usually a symbolic death has occurred or will occur. Reminder, this does not mean a real physical death, but rather an ending of some sort. Depending on how the snake appears, how you interact with the snake as well as other symbolism around it can mean different things - and when it comes to dreams, it is most important that you are intuitively listening to the message you are being given. That being said pay most attention to the sensation you are receiving from the snake: is it fear, is it peace, is it indifference? Notice when you wake how you responded to the snake in the dream and this will give you the most insight into its meaning to you.

Dreams have long been regarded as a bridge to our subconscious, and snakes often emerge as compelling dream symbols. Ultimately, dreams featuring snakes might signify transformation, shedding old patterns, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. The snake's presence could also mirror feelings of fear, danger, or hidden desires that require acknowledgment. Rather than fearing these dreams, consider them as invitations to explore uncharted emotional territories and tap into your inner wisdom.

Tomb painting of Inherkhau worshiping the serpent god Sata - Credits: Egypt Museum

Snakes in Celtic Traditions: Worshipping the Divine Feminine

Within the tapestry of Celtic traditions (noting here that the term Celtlic is a challenging one to use in today’s day and age, but that is for another time), healers often emerge accompanied by serpents, beings intertwined with the fluid realms of water, rivers, and restorative springs that serve as gateways to the mystical underworld. These serpents grace torcs, the sacred neck adornment of Celtic royalty and deities, resonating with the very essence of earthly potency and everlasting existence. Woven into the fabric of every ancient mythology is a rendition of the World Serpent, a figure echoing through time. In the Celtic ethos, the spiky sea-urchin, round and evocative, symbolizes the cosmic seed of creation. In this narrative, the Serpent steps forth as one of the most primordial symbols of feminine strength, mirroring the profound essence of life itself.

In Ireland specifically, it was said that St. Patrick eradicated the snakes from Ireland. Some believe that this was symbolic of the church attempting to abolish the worship of the GOddess and the divine feminine on this Isle (as there are likely no physical snakes in Ireland, nor were there ever).

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Snakes and Kundalini Energy: Spiritual Awakening

In the realm of spiritual energy, the snake finds its embodiment in the concept of Kundalini - a potent force said to lie dormant at the base of the spine. This dormant energy, often depicted as a coiled serpent, represents our untapped spiritual potential. Through spiritual practices like yoga, breathwork, and meditation, the awakening of Kundalini energy is believed to lead to profound spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of oneself and the divine (in whichever form it should take). The snake's winding ascent through the chakras symbolizes the journey towards balance, self-realization, and union with the sacred.

The Snake Eating its Tail: The Meaning of the Ouroboros & Embracing Infinity

“Ouroboros”, a term forged from Greek roots, combines “oura” (tail) and “bora” (food) to yield “tail eater”. This archaic emblem features a serpent or snake devouring its own tail, encapsulating the notions of infinity and the ceaseless cycle of life and death.

Ultimately, the ouroboros signifies the infinite of all things: life, death, and rebirth. Creation and destruction. The material realm and the spiritual realm. It is all one.

In antiquity, the ouroboros emerged as a celestial metaphor, attempting to demystify the Milky Way Galaxy when humanity turned to the cosmos for answers. The serpent, representing the Milky Way's cosmic sprawl, eternally wound itself, assuming the semblance of an everlasting force. This astral entity earned the grandiose title "the serpent of light," a cosmic sentinel occupying the heavens.

Navigating diverse landscapes of spiritual symbolism, the snake emerges as a captivating and versatile mentor. Its skill in shedding the past, embracing change, and undergoing transformation serves as a gentle lesson, reminding us that change is an opportunity for growth, not a source of apprehension.

Whether it's the dreams that entice us to delve into our inner psyche or the potent power of Kundalini energy, the snake urges us to embark on self-discovery journeys and spiritual maturation. As we traverse this path, we shall lift the profound wisdom it holds and embrace transformation.

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