Practices to do during Libra Season

Soon, the Sun will move from earthy Virgo to airy Libra, the sign of balance represented by its glyph of the scales. This symbolism is also connected to the sacred union between our inner polarities (dark and light, masculine and feminine, etc.) and messages that come through our daydreams, night dreams, and our imagination, as well as those that move through us in conscious thought.

As the scales represent scales are dynamic. Sometimes there is a balance between the polarities, and at other times, nature’s dynamic and fluidity create changes in that balance. Just like the seasons we have our peaks, as seen by summer, and winter, and have our transition seasons, or balance points, as seen by spring and fall.

This sun transition also marks one of the four major seasonal changes on the planet, moving us from late summer into autumn, as it coincides with the Fall/Autumn Equinox (also known as Mabon).

During this transition, Equinox once again brings an equal balance between light and dark. This is also why the connection to the scales and Libra is so perfect at this time - we are at the precipice of the tipping point where the scales move down and turn towards the darker months of the year in the northern hemisphere (it is Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere).

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, making this next cycle a time also focused on inner and external beauty, love, and connection. Libra, accompanied by the Lover Archetype, loves bringing the two aspects together into a sacred union and deepening its connection.

You can use the tools below to help inspire your connection with the airy Libra realm.

Plant Ally - Rowan

Rowan is known as the Tree of Wisdom, courage, and protection. It was used in magic, found all over Celtic mythology, and is a tree to help bring clarity to the mind. Rowan is a great ally to call upon when feeling too airy and taken by the mind. It can help you ground and calm the mental chaos to find clarity within.

Archetype - The Lover

The Lover is the one who holds a passion for life in all its forms. The Lover invites us to stay in the moment, be present and enjoy each moment. This archetype also brings awareness of what is truly important for oneself, as it connects to self-love. The Lover asks the question: How deeply do you love yourself?

Planet - Venus & Mars

Get to know Venus and her cycles and rhythms. Like the moon and all other planets, she has a magnificent cycle and orbital pattern. Venus’ orbital pattern draws out the five-pointed star, or a rose, over the course of her 8-year cycle. She is deeply connected to the lover archetype and the feminine aspects of the Libra energy. Similarly, you can connect to the balance point of Mars, the masculine planet that is the consort to Venus, to find the equanimity between these two planets and their archetypal energies.

Embodiment Practice - Clearing the Creatress

Getting clear as a Creatress is something that is most challenging. Since the Creatress is always in a state of new creations and births, finding the space to quiet that force so that new creations can come through is often necessary. Similar to meditation, Clearing provides a space of conscious awareness which allows time for the mind to slow down and process its thoughts. Libra, being an air sign, can bring people into a very mental space, making it difficult to see clearly what we are working towards. By taking the time to sit and clear daily, we allow ourselves to become conscious of what is meant to come through for us.

To practice - Take a seat somewhere quiet, take three deep breaths, and bring your awareness towards your breath. For the next few minutes, keep your awareness on a point of light within your third eye. As you do this, notice what kind of thoughts come to distract you and what comes through more quietly, subtly and powerfully.


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