The Inner Seasons & Phases of The Moon Cycle

Ah, it is magic when we realize the feminine during her maiden and mothering years bleeds with the phases of the moon. What a wild and magical thing to think we are connected to the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter through our own internal cycles. And this cycle we move through each and every moon phase, or month.

While today we might live in a world that is ruled by dates and deadlines, when we shift our way of life towards our alignment in phases, instead of days, we create a deeper equanimity. An honouring of ourselves and the feminine aspect.

Since our cycles have four phases, we will experience four different seasons in our monthly journey. In spring, our follicular phase, we may experience a spur of new energy and fresh inspiration, in summer, our ovulation, we may feel more expanded and extroverted than normal, during our fall, our luteal phase, we may wish to get a little more quiet or internal and during our inner winter, our bleed, we may wish to have solitude and deep rest. This cycle moves through in the approximate span of about 28-32 days, just like the moon cycle.

There are 4 phases in a women's cycle and each holds its own unique energies.

Within these four phases, there is a bleeding one, regardless of whether or not you are in your bleeding years, you may still feel these ebbs and flows with the planetary moon moving through her own cycle.

A great way to align with your cycle deeper, if you have an irregular cycle or don’t have one, is to start aligning yourself with the moon cycle.

Phase 1 - The Bleed - Inner Winter - New Moon

For those women who bleed, this phase will start on the first day of the bleed or moon cycle. For those who don’t, it will be a time when her energy will want to slow down. Winter is a time of rest, it is the season of the dying, but with the ending, comes a rebirth.

The Inner winter phase is a time to go inward. You might feel less social, wanting to spend more time by yourself. A great time to spend it journaling and meditating on some of the projects or decisions you need to make in your life.  Take special note of what niggling thoughts come back up during this phase each month - your body may be trying to tell you something of great importance.

When we give ourselves the time to slow down externally it gives us the space to listen to what might be going on internally. This inner winter allows us to do just that. Be with our inner selves.

Phase 2 - Follicular phase - Inner Spring - Waxing Moon

In Spring, we see the sprouts rising, the first blooms burst through the frosty grass. It is a time or rebirth when everything begins to move again, our energy starts to rise and we come into a phase where we feel like creating again. This phase is known as the building phase. Whether you are creating a project or working out, take this time in your cycle to build the foundation of what you need to do. Our winter phase provided us with the information we needed to put into action. And this phase allows for movement.

Phase 3 - Ovulation phase - Inner Summer - Full Moon

Summer is the high point of the year - the fruit is ripening, the flowers are in their fully blossomed state, and it is almost time for harvest. In this third phase, we are at our peak energy point. This is a time when we may wish to be more outward, meeting people, hosting events, publishing, and launching. One’s energy is thriving and by keeping this time as a place to share, expand and explore, we allow our creative centers to thrive.

Phase 4 - Luteal phase - Inner Autumn - Waning Moon

In the final phase, we begin to feel the call to slow down, perhaps even wish to retreat back into ourselves, spend less time with people and more time with nature, and appreciate the softness life has to offer.

Our intuition starts to heighten and it’s a great time to pause and listen to what might be coming through. A great time to create and write. Let yourself channel.

Give yourself this week time to process what has happened this past cycle. What has worked, what hasn’t and how can you make this next cycle even smoother.

Pay attention to how you are holding your body during this time, as it will inevitably impact the next phase of the bleed.

And so we cycle back again and again, just like the breath into the next as we flow through into the next exhale.

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