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Moving through the Wheel of the Year, we now are now spiralling once again into the quarter day celebration, or Lesser Sabbat of Fall Equinox and Mabon. This September 22nd, the sun will mark the beginning of Fall by bringing with it equal day and night, as well as move into the zodiac sign of Libra, the air sign of balance and equilibrium. As a time of natural balance within the skies, it makes sense to start bringing deeper introspection around how we weave ourselves together - the light, the dark, the masculine, the feminine, our solar and lunar aspects.

What is Mabon?

Mabon is known as the second harvest festival of year, the fruit harvest. This harvest is most abundant and often is known for the large bounty it provides. In modern day, Mabon is known as Witches’ Thanksgiving, by making this a time to honour our relationship with the earth and nature, ourselves and with each other.

Seasonally we are moving from Summer, the Fire element, to Autumn, the Water Element. Bringing with it the soft, more feminine energy that touches into our emotional bodies much more deeply. With darkness growing, we will likely feel ready to take time to curl up inside, and move on a more inward journey and away from the fiery social energies of summer.

This a time to connect to what is being harvested in your life at this time. What did you start this spring that is leading to its completion now? What have you planted seeds for, that are ready to be cut, shucked and given back to the earth. It is also a time to further dive into the question of what is necessary to take with you into winter as well as how can you best share your bounty with those around you - your family or extended human and animal family.

During Lughnasadh we talked about cleaning out our pantry and making space for what the harvest will bring. Mabon fills up our reserves for the months ahead - so it is important to ensure that the cleaning process has been done. Both physically speaking and proverbially speaking. Check in on what is still rattling around in the inner-cupboards, and could be transmuted in the Mabon fire? Are there any belief systems, ideas or patterns that aren’t helping you grow?

It is also a time to start looking back, with gratitude, at everything that you’ve accomplished and worked through these last 6 months. What has happened since Spring Equinox? How have you grown? What has changed? What are you grateful for?

How to Prepare for the Darker Months

Start paying attention to how can you prepare for the winter months in harmony and celebration of the darker times. In our modern world today, it can be more difficult to turn inwards and embrace the quietude. We price the outward, social and activation of spring and summer. But the renewal and rest that comes with winter is so essential for the balance of life. If you have trouble slowing down and going inside, begin to build your tool kit for the darker days - perhaps with certain herbs, new books, some cozy blankets and some new non-toxic candles.

Altar Suggestions for Mabon

Mabon a wonderful time to celebrate with others, so do not hesitate to create a fall feast with your loved ones, gather round a fire or go apple picking at a local farm. Here is a beautiful altar suggestion for you to create in your home, or for a gathering that you have in community.

  • Covering with Fall colours like - Burgundy, burnt orange, dark green, browns, golds, and eggplant.
  • Setting up two candles - One white and one black to symbolize the polarity balance between the light and dark transition.
  • Mabon is a time of plenty, abundance and gratitude, so feel free to add baskets, bowls or even a cornucopia filled with harvested foods like - pumpkins, apples, grapes, acorns, beans and bread.
  • And any other symbols that will connect and remind you of your intuition, your masculine and feminine balance, gratitude and abundance.
  • You can also add Music from our Mabon and Fall Equinox Playlist here, to fill your space with mystical vibrations for the season

Enjoy this transitional time within yourself and tap into how you are being asked to slow down. You can also join us September 22nd for a Feminine Code Ceremony to celebrate Mabon and Fall Equinox. Sign up here.

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