How to Become a Priestess?

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Embracing the Sacred Path: A Starting Guide to Becoming a Priestess

In the journey of life, there are those who are called to walk a path strongly guided by the sacred. Becoming a priestess is a profound calling, an invitation to connect with the divine, and to nurture the spirit within oneself and others.

If you've heard the whisper of this calling within your heart and are drawn to the path of the Priestess, this article is for you.

Following the Call Within

Becoming a priestess begins with deep inner listening. You might receive a message, or feel a strong pull towards the idea of even the word “priestess”. Truly, the initial phase is about attuning yourself to the subtle whispers of your heart and soul, your intuition. The fact that you’re reading this article now is likely the sign that you’ve reached the first guidepost of feeling the call within.

Pay attention to those moments when you feel most connected to the divine, whether it's in nature, during meditation, or in moments of quiet reflection. These are the moments when your calling may become clearer. Allow your heart to guide you as you explore your inner map.

Finding the Lineage to Start Your Path

If you’re like myself, you might have felt called to different paths on the priestess path, and there are many. So many different lineages to study and dive deeply into. What is most important to remember is that generally, they are all teaching similar principles, cloaked in different rituals and rites. Ultimately, the path of the priestess is one who is called deeply to commune with nature and the cosmos, with both the seen and the unseen realm. The lineage you choose is less important, while the teachers you select are more so.

Personally, I have trained and initiated in several lineages as I sought out what felt most resonant for me. Ultimately it was taking away the dogma and the labels that helped me feel most connected to walking the path of the priestess.

One of the lineages in which I walked was that of the Magdalene and the Rose Lineage. I have also been deeply immersed in the Avalon Priestess Lineage as well as that of my Celtic ancestors. While having this incredible path and guide to walk with was deeply nourishing, I found that when we take away names and labels for the teachings of love, it is there we find the truth.

Should you wish to initiate in a particular lineage, your selection of the particular priestess path should be based on whether you feel that it connects to the embodiment of divine love and respects the sacred energy of unity: both the masculine and feminine aspects. The Rose Lineage is certainly a path that I feel honors this wisdom and seeks to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and the world, but it is by no means the only way. There are many, and truthfully, as you navigate this path, you may discover your own way feels the most authentic to you.

Walking the Path of the Priestess

It's important to keep in mind that the following tips are designed to provide you with a starting point for your journey. The path of the Priestess is deeply personal and unique to each individual. Therefore, always remember to tune into your intuition and allow it to be your guiding light. Your inner wisdom knows the way, so let it lead you.

Additionally, consider these tips as stages, as feminine energy embodies fluidity and liberty - where there exists no definite right or wrong, nor a fixed sequence.

  1. Cultivate Inner Awareness

A Priestess is attuned to her own inner landscape. Practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection can help you deepen your connection with your inner self, allowing you to better serve others from a place of authenticity and understanding. One of my teachers calls this “Empty Presence” where you empty out yourself in a way that allows the divine to flow inwards.

      2. Embracing Knowledge and Wisdom**

To become a Priestess, it's important to immerse yourself in the teachings and practices that resonate with your heart. This could involve studying spiritual texts, learning about the history and symbolism of a particular lineage, and exploring various spiritual practices.

  1. Honor the Whole

While traditional religions often focus more heavily on the masculine, the Path of the Priestess asks us to embrace wholeness, unity, and truth through the honoring of both the divine masculine and the sacred feminine. Because we have been so conditioned in masculine-centered ways, it is important to deeply cultivate a reverence for the feminine aspects of divinity and seek to also embody the essence of compassion, nurturance, intuition, and receptivity.

It is not about becoming perfect though, but rather embracing all as a whole - including our lighter and darker aspects.

  1. Community and Connection

The work of the Priestess is very connected to the community. It is wonderful to seek out like-minded individuals who share your spiritual journey. Connecting with others who resonate with this can provide you with support, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Know that Priestesses often worked in groups in their temples, all as equals with their differing gifts.

  1. Sacred Rituals

As you begin your path, engage in sacred rituals that resonate with you. These could include lighting candles, creating altars, performing ceremonies, or practicing rituals that connect you with the divine energies you're most drawn to working with.

Embodying the Priestess’s Wisdom

Remember that becoming a priestess is not a destination but a continuous lifelong journey of self-discovery, healing, understanding love, transformation, and most importantly, service. It's about embracing the divine within yourself and others, nurturing your connection with the sacred, and sharing the wisdom you gather along the way.

As you walk the path of the priestess, honor the path by nurturing the beautiful qualities that lie within your heart: love, compassion, wisdom, and a strong connection to the divine.

This journey is an invitation to embody the sacred feminine, to bring healing and light to a world in need. May your steps be guided by love and may your journey be filled with grace.

If you sense a profound inner calling to embrace the priestess's path, I extend a warm invitation to become a part of The Sacred Spiral Priestess Training. Join us for the free Samhain Opening Ceremony.


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