Aries New Moon Practices

And so arrives the first new moon of the astrological new year, New Moon in Aries.

It is the next turn on the spiral in our collective Heroine’s Journey.

Aries, a Cardinal fire sign, is a very powerful mover.  At this time, you might be feeling a deep activation of the Warrioress within. Perhaps being called to be more independent, confident, headstrong, and determined. Are you feeling called to stand firmly in your truest nature?

Aries, ruled by the red planet Mars, is the planet of fire, power, strength, action, and aggression. The new moon in this sign can bring about a rekindling of energy and the desire to start something new. The energy of fire is both nourishing and destructive. It can destroy that which has reached the end of its life cycle and create fertile grounds for what is to come through the ashes.

The quality of Aries is that when pointed in a direction, the sign will take charge and push forward, however, when a direction is not clear Aries can get dispersed, frustrated, and aggressive. Tormented by the fact they are not sure where to go and where to place their energy.

The Warrioress archetype, with her sword of truth, cuts through to what is needed now. She is able to steer the ship, and guide the proverbial troops to set a clear intention for where she would like to go. Feel into your inner Warrioress, what her truest desire is. Take time to integrate that wish or intention within,  and then activate through the fire of Aries to bring it forward.

The Warrioress also holds her boundaries strong. WIth her sword and shield, she knows when to say “no,” and “no thank you.” And is discerning about where to use each. Tap in during this new moon around where your boundaries truly lay. Are they in line with your desires, or do they waver when you are put in an uncomfortable position? Check in before forging ahead.

On this new moon, we are accompanied by the Goddess Athena. Athena is known as the Goddess of Wisdom. She is a powerful and wise warrior goddess, who uses her wits and diplomacy as opposed to her physical power to play out in the world. Athena guides us through our unknown dark lands and reminds us that it’s ok to unlearn and learn new ways of both being and doing.

With the guidance of Athena, our Heroine, we can move through the spiral into both its darker and lighter parts. Learning to cycle through, in, and out.

Practices for the New Moon in Aries:

Intentions for the Astrological Year: Set forth your intention for the next year of the Zodiac. It is a time for new beginnings, so what is your heart longing for at this time? Make it clear. Write it out, say it out loud in a mirror, or sing it out to the sea... however you wish to express it.

Fire Gaze: Also known as tratak or trataka, gaze into the flame of a candle after dark or early in the morning, watch the flame flicker without blinking for as long as you can - observe what comes up.

Fear Burning: Write down all your fears on a piece of paper and burn them in a fire with the intention of transforming them into nourishing ash - we always want to transform those parts that are energetically heavy, and so visualize them moving into something that nourishes the earth and soil.

Have a wonderful New Moon, my love.


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