End of Year Planning with the New Moon in Capricorn

As we arrive at the end of the year, we meet the same energy in which it began, with a New Moon in Capricorn. This December 23rd the Moon will enter its last sign of 2022 in Capricorn.

Capricorn, being the last earth sign of the zodiac, brings with it the much-needed energies of slow movement and determination. Capricorn represents structure, career, planning, ambition, and traditions. If there are some creative ideas germinating within you, it is now when you can begin to make the plan and set the vision for it to come to life in the year(s) ahead.

There is an abundance of celestial activity at this time, not only do we have the moon in Capricorn, but so too are the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto — almost all the personal planets. This moving energy of determination towards the vision is ripe and a wonderful time to help us move toward what we wish to create. With the main elements, earth and water at play this month, the new moon and the Goddess Hygeia (the asteroid opposite the moon at this time) bring into focus anything that surrounds our health or needs healing.

At best, Capricorn is hard working and about integrity, but do also hold space for its shadowy aspects, that part that resists change and upholds strongly to an old patriarchal paradigm.

Given that we are stepping into the end of the calendar year and the time for intention-setting for the year ahead, Capricorn is a supportive sign in this endeavor. Instead of resolutions, begin to prepare intentions - what you would like to create out in the world and within your inner world in the year ahead — or even for this lunation.

Below are a few rituals and practices to connect to this new moon.

Practices and Rituals for the New Moon in Capricorn and End of Year Planning

Solar Year Planning

In the same vein as New Year's resolutions, but perhaps more intentionally, reflect on the areas of your life you would like to bring extra focus to at this time of year. Perhaps it's a career, relationships, family, home, health, friendships, spirituality, personal growth, or anything else you might think of. Select 2-3 areas to make this practice manageable.

Once you have your categories picked, go through them one by one and write down 1-3 things you’d like to work on this next year related to that life theme. Some categories will be easier than others.

Once complete, go through each desire or idea you wrote down and think about how you can make it more expansive. What is your ideal? Capricorn, and especially this new moon, is a time to think with vision and allow the self to dream the big dreams.

Once you’ve let yourself ideate, come back down to earth, and intuit 1-3 action steps you can take for each desire or idea, with one catch, that they are possible to accomplish within 3-6 months.

Last, create a list, spread, or vision board, in a fun and attractive way and place it somewhere in your home where you can see it daily. Even though you might not work on it all the time, your subconscious will be reminded of the larger vision at hand.

Simple Gratitude Sit

This time of the year is a time of reunion, family, and connection. At times it can be so busy that we forget all the wonderful things around us.

Take a moment to ground back into yourself very intently. Consider bundling up and sitting in nature to just see and marvel at nature in its winter slumber.

This time of the year is a great time to say thank you to those around you, family, work, and friends, that helped you get to where you are today. It’s important to remember that we never get to where we are without the help of others and it’s such a gift to share our lives together.

In our own practice of gratitude, The Feminine Code team would like to thank you for taking the time to be here in this community. Sending you much love during these dark but magical days.


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