New Moon in Libra with Balancing Rituals and Practices

This week our sun has moved into Libra, and our Earth (in the northern hemisphere) has transitioned into Autumn, which leads us to our New Moon in Libra this upcoming weekend.

This new cycle focuses on the energy of Libra and her scales, especially as it relates to relationships, partnerships, compromise, as well as balance and beauty (it’s no wonder Libra is ruled by Venus).

Ruled by Venus, Libra makes this next cycle a time also focused on inner and external beauty, love, and connection. Libra, accompanied by the Lover Archetype, loves brings with it two aspects which are connecting in sacred union. The symbol of Libra is the scale, which brings the energies of two polarities and their relation to one another, as well as the balance between them.

This moon cycle, is also accompanied by many planets in retrograde, making this month a time of deep reflection on our relationships and how we want to move forward. The new moon conjunct mercury in retrograde focuses on communication and how we can clearly express ourselves within our relationships, contracts, and agreements. Be wary of signing any new agreements or beginning new partnerships during this time. It is a time for re-imagining, revising, and re-envisioning.

This particular new moon in Libra is also opposite Jupiter, bringing with it tensions and conflict around things that might be challenging to resolve, but are arising in order to help you evolve and grow. With this in mind, the new moon is here as a reminder of intentions.

Each new moon brings with it a time to recenter and regroup. A time to clarify and express that which you truly desire. Consider whether you can stay conscious and aware of how you act, react and respond to what might come up this month?

Practices you can do to bring balance during this Libra New Moon
  • Intention Setting with Sacred Smoke - taking a moment to pause for the new moon. How do you want to move forward this next cycle? What relationships are important and worth putting time and effort into which ones aren’t? What kind of relationship do you want to create with yourself? What can you do to stay grounded during the challenges that might rise up?

  • Create a Rose Bouquet- With Libra ruled by Venus, the planet that has the rose-orbit, connect to the power of love and beauty with a beautiful collection of roses.

  • Drink Rose Infusion - Connecting to the beauty of the rose, make an infusion for yourself and sip it as you envision the beauty you are here to create in the next moon cycle.

  • Love Yourself with a Date: Take a moment to take yourself on a date to do your favourite things or try something new. Whatever it is, make it an hour, day, or even a weekend, to replenish yourself. Thank yourself for everything you’ve moved through this last moon cycle.

  • Celebrate this Changing Season - With this moon also marking the first lunar cycle of the fall, take some time to celebrate the changing season. Libra is a social time, and perfect to create an event and invite your favorite people to celebrate the earth and the abundance she’s gifted this year.

Enjoy the first new moon of autumn.


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