Ostara Altar Suggestions

Welcome, Ostara and Spring Equinox.  It’s time to celebrate SPRING!

Equinox directly translates to “equal night,” and many of us are aware that it is a day where there is an equal amount of daylight as there is night. In many different calendars, this transition day is marked as the beginning of spring, where spring represents new birth, fertility and growth.

By Wendy Andrew

Ostara comes from the root Oestre meaning “the Goddess of Light” or in ancient Germany the Virgin Goddess of Spring. In many cultures, she is the representation of bringing balance back to the earth. After having spent months in the darkness of winter, Ostara comes with her warming light to reignite life onto the world. She brings with her symbols and plant allies including the Hare, the primrose, birch, and eggs, which all represent different aspects of rebirth, new life, and fertility.

In the broadest sense, Ostara represents balance and harmony, but she also embodies the maiden energy of the Goddess - she is sovereign, wild, and budding. She is who is wild and beginning to grow into her womanhood.

Along her journey of sharing light with the world, she is accompanied by the hare, which represents a deep connection to fertility -  not only does the hare have the ability to become pregnant again when she is already pregnant, but her mythos is also related to her laying eggs to honor Ostara (decorated and given as a gift).  There are many parallels to today’s Easter celebrations when we reflect on what this time is and means.

But fertility doesn’t necessarily mean birth in a literal sense, it can also refer to how we are creating and how our own energy is rising within us. Bringing forth the desire to be more active, to begin activating our dreams by crossing the threshold to make things happen. This is an ideal time for shedding old, spring cleaning, detoxing, and planting new seeds before the arrival of Beltane on May 1st when the proverbial egg can be fertilized.

A great way to honor Oestre and the Spring Equinox portal is to set up an Altar that represents rebirth, fertility, and new beginnings.

Some suggestions for your Ostara Altar to celebrate and honor Spring:

Colors: Patels, greens, blues, pinks, purple.

Food offerings: Leafy greens, Honey, painted eggs

Animals spirit: Rabbit, Hare, Lamb

Tree Ogham: A twig of Birch

Symbols: Drawings and images of the masculine and feminine connected (Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti, Magdalene/Yeshua)

Plant Allies: Spring flowers such as tulips, lilies, daffodils, primrose, or something you are starting to sprout

When you’re complete and ready for some reflection, contemplate: What is your intention for this time of year?  Look upon your altar and see what your heart chose to embody that heart’s longing.

Have a wonderful Spring Celebration!


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