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On 05.05, we welcome the Scorpio Full Flower Moon, lunar eclipse, as well as Solar & Lunar Beltane. This very powerful day is charged with energy that can help you in healing and releasing that of the past.

Eclipse season is known for its chaotic energy and disruptive forces, so if you’ve been particularly challenged during these last weeks, it is no surprise. Its closure is powerful especially since we are arriving at Beltane, a time for integration, divine union, and love. Notice if the themes of love and relationships have been strong over the past weeks.

Further to that, 5 is the number of changes - and as we arrive at 05/05 in the calendar, we may be feeling this shift doubly!

Scorpio Full Moon & Beltane Energy

During this Scorpio Full Moon, emotions may run high, so, have an awareness of any intense relationship dynamics or interactions. Simply acknowledging your emotions, letting them unfold before you, and allowing them to move through you, can be one of the most potent ways to move through this energy.

This is also a time when secrets may be revealed, or hidden truths come to light. Scorpio energy is associated with transformation and letting go, so this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse can be used as a time of releasing old patterns, habits, identities, or even external attachments such as a career shift or relationship change.

Practices for the Full Moon in Scorpio

With the powerful energy that is around, these practices focus more on grounding and communing with the elements and energies ripe at this time. After the Full Moon, consider using the “calm after the storm” to begin moving forward with more cadence toward your intentions.

Here are 4 easy practices to support you during this Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse:

1. Take a Salt Bath

Maybe one of the best ways to ground, relax, and let go is to take a simple salt bath (or even better, a dip in the ocean). A protective salt bath can help you ground and find peace in releasing the uncomfortable stuff. Adding grounding essential oils such as lavender or cedar wood can add an extra source of grounding during the energetic shifts taking place.

2. Ground in Nature

Reconnect with Mother Earth by walking barefoot, singing with the birds who have returned to share their songs, or spending time near a source of running water. Let the energy of the Earth recharge you, embrace you, and cleanse your mental state.

3. Connect with Flowers

What a beautiful way to welcome Beltane & The Flower Full Moon by celebrating the bloom of nature. Think of this one like bringing Mother Earth into your home - by crafting for yourself a flower bouquet for your altar. You can also make yourself a flower crown and let the blooming energy of the flowers lift your spirit and fill your mind with Beauty and creativity.

4. Commune with Fire

Beltane is a fire festival, so what better way to celebrate this Full Moon than with the cathartic energy of fire? While lighting up a candle, visualize its purifying power and let it cleanse your vision. You can even jump over the flame with the intention to receive the blessings and blooms of the season.

Whatever you choose to do during this Lunar Eclipse, take some time for yourself - especially in nature. If you are closing a turbulent chapter with the eclipse portal, gift yourself a little extra self-care to help you ground and prepare for the re-emergence.

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