Embracing Sheela Na Gig: Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine Wisdom & Mother Earth

In a world that often celebrates masculine strength and power, there is a deep longing for the rediscovery and reclamation of the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Among the various symbols and archetypes associated with the feminine, one particularly intriguing figure stands out: Sheela Na Gig. These enigmatic stone carvings, predominantly found in medieval European architecture, hold within them a profound message about embracing our innate feminine power and wisdom, as well as our connection with Mother Earth and the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

Unveiling the Sheela Na Gig

Sheela Na Gig refers to the carvings of female figures, often depicted exposing their vulvas, found on ancient churches, castles, graveyards and other structures throughout Ireland, the UK, and mainland Europe. They are said to be first carved around the 12th Century, but they are likely based on much older pre-Christian symbols. Some believe the opening of the vulva to the world around is seen as a protective symbol since they are considered the center of the Vesica Piscis, or the origin of life itself. Others believe that they were used to warn people of sins such as evil and lust. That being said, it is documented that women flashing their vulvas was a way to ward off evil in ancient times.

https://sheelanagig.org/oaksey/ | The Oaksey Sheela Na Gig

Intuitively, I feel these figures are not meant to be interpreted through a purely erotic lens. Instead, they are believed to be symbolic representations of the primordial power of the female body and the life-giving force inherent in women, as well as offering protection from dark energies.

Her name has been interpreted in many ways including “Crone of the Vagina” and “Faery woman of the Vulva.” Sheela Na Gig is said to offer protection for mothers to carry an easy and effortless pregnancy, as well as experience a smooth birth. For women seeking to become mothers, Sheela Na Gig is also said to bless seekers with fertility after women have touched her stone.

https://artofprotestgallery.com/original/sheela-na-gig | Artist: Lucy Churchill
The Sacred Earth Connection

Sheela Na Gig is deeply intertwined with the concept of Mother Earth and the sacredness of the natural world. Just as the Earth gives birth to life and sustains it, Sheela Na Gig represents the Divine Feminine as the source of creation and nourishment.

By honoring and embracing Sheela Na Gig, we acknowledge our intimate, powerful, and deep connection with the Earth and embrace our calling of living in harmony with its rhythms and cycles.

Embracing the Natural Rhythms and Cycles

Sheela Na Gig encourages us to embrace the natural rhythms and cycles of life, as exemplified by the Earth's seasons, lunar phases, and the cycles of birth, growth, maturity, and rebirth. It reminds us of the power and wisdom in aligning our lives with these cycles, allowing us to experience a deeper sense of connection and divine feminine flow. By attuning ourselves to the Earth's rhythms, we tap into the ancient wisdom that resides within us and gain a renewed understanding of our place in the grand tapestry of existence.

Honoring the Divine Feminine within Nature

Furthermore, Sheela Na Gig invites us to honor and celebrate the divine feminine presence that permeates all aspects of nature. It urges us to recognize the nurturing qualities of Mother Earth, the fierce strength of the elements, and the delicate balance that sustains life. By embracing the Sheela Na Gig, we deepen our reverence for the Earth and cultivate a sense of stewardship, inspiring us to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

Sheela Na Gig serves as a beacon of Divine Feminine Wisdom, guiding us toward a deeper understanding and appreciation of our inherent power, our connection with Mother Earth, and the natural rhythms and cycles that govern existence.

While engaging with this ancient symbol, we reclaim the feminine energy that resides within each of us, fostering a profound sense of harmony with ourselves, with nature, and with the greater creators of life.

Should you feel a calling to learn more about the Divine Feminine and embrace its wisdom and energy, join us for our next Feminine Code Circle Ceremony.


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