The Full Moon welcomes the Divine Feminine

Full Moon in Virgo welcomes us in her Divine Feminine essence.

One of the beauties of a Full Moon is the balancing properties that this day offers. A full moon will always balance out the Sun’s position in the zodiac of that month. In our case today, the Sun is in Pisces season, (even with Spring equinox coming in 2 days) and the Moon is balancing our watery Pisces emotional energy with a very grounded Virgo.

Pisces is the representation of Divine feminine magic. She will open us to see our truth, wash all of our fears and traumas away to give us the space to feel deeply into our intuition. She is the divine feminine counterpart that meets her masculine match upon the solstice portal.

Virgo comes from the root of Virgin or maiden, where the Virgin is a sovereign woman who holds domain over herself. She is “unmarried” to anything but herself. Virgin can also be derived from  Latin meaning strength. In fact, contrary to popular belief, it was never meant to be sexually chaste, but rather, sovereign. The Virgo woman is one who is free, and not tamed by anyone, one that is a Queen of her own domain.

With powerful Virgo energy, we are here to ground all of our learnings into this world - all the etheric understandings and awakenings become real as we skillfully implement them into our lives. All new ideas, beliefs, patterns that we’ve started to implement instead of our old ways, are grounded into our bodies with the help of powerful Virgo.

Thus, we see this full moon is calling us to embody who we came here to be at our highest form of expression.

This month as we flux between the powerful Virgo moon and the mystical Pisces sun, the High Priestess can be embodied for our greatest learning. The High Priestess is a chalice of wisdom, she sits open to receive and upon receiving her understandings, her power is to act and service the world based on her deep knowing. She is a healer in all respects and her wisdom is deep. Her ways are to share, embody and empower through helping others find their own path to sovereignty by healing.

How can you embody this High Priestess archetype in your life right now?

This is the last full moon of this Zodiac year and what better time to begin the implementation of your learnings through practice. As we arrive in Aries season soon, we know where we are going with this deep intuitive well activated within us.

With this new beginning spring energy coming our way, take these last few days to really sit with yourself and ask yourself if you are really walking in the direction you want to be.

Practices you can take with you this full moon to prepare for the astrological year ahead:

  • Observe the sprouting of nature: pick one tree or plant that you find out in nature - it could even be a weed that is starting to grow on the sidewalk or a special tree in a forest near you. Sit and commune with the energy of sprouting and ask it “what are you here to teach me?”
  • Let the full moon illuminate reflection time: Given that it is the last full moon of the year, it can be powerful to reflect on what learnings you have come to understand deeply since last spring?
  • What have you gone through?
  • What practices have supported you the most this past year?
  • What learnings have you been given?
  • What learnings are feeling integrated and which are still seeking embodiment within you?
  • Cleanse your physical body and space: There is nothing like a good spring cleaning inside and out. It is time to move all the stagnant inner energy from winter and bring in the new freshness of spring into our bodies as well (bring in fresh flowers, recycle or donate things that are not resonating with where you want to go this year, do a cleanse with only whole foods or juices).

Have a beautiful Full Moon my love!


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