What the Full Moon in Libra eaches us

This Full Moon in Libra is about bringing balance and consciousness between the masculine and the feminine aspects of ourselves. With the Sun still in Aries, which is ruled by Mars - very masculine energy - and the Full Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus - a Divine Feminine energy - this event beautifully unites the masculine with the feminine within us.

Named also the “Pink Moon” - just like the wild pink flowers that nloom in spring - this Full Moon is associated with rebirth, renewal, and newness.

Rituals to celebrate The Full Moon in Libra

Feel the energy of the Full Moon and look at it as a chance to get out of your comfort zone. Experiment, embrace, trust, and use this peak energy to show up in your full, vibrant self.

Also, remember that Libra shines the light upon relationships of any kind. So, try celebrating it through rituals that embrace this duality and praises Love. You will find some rituals suggestions below:

- Make Love to the world around you - in any way, shape, or form that feels good. Give love to your home by gifting it fresh flowers, make love to your Beloved, create from this divine love your sacred creations

- Write two letters, one to your inner masculine and one to your inner feminine selves, describe to them the gifts they have given you, and give thanks.

- Hold a black stone in one hand and a white or clear stone in the other hand, sit in meditation and watch what comes up for you.


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