Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

On April 30th, during the New Moon in Taurus, our Eclipse portal opened with the partial solar eclipse. On May 15th, we end the Beltane and eclipse portal with Lunar Beltane and a total lunar eclipse. The Full Moon in Scorpio (or Libra in the sidereal & Vedic chart) is a Supermoon and is often called the Blood Moon.

A total Lunar Eclipse is immensely powerful. It occurs during a Full Moon and is a time of clarity, power, and release. It is said whatever ends during an eclipse portal is a total and complete ending, and is for the good of all. This can be in relation to general relations, habits, patterns, our careers, or, just simply, something that needs to be moved out. The lunar eclipse is here to show us what is toxic, stuck, and stagnant. What a relief to be given this supported time to let go.

This full moon is made even more intense with its Square with Saturn - our stern teacher that is making sure we really learn our lessons. That being said, we are also supposed with the trine happening with both Mars and Neptune, giving you the courage needed to move through those lessons.

With the Full Moon also being in Scorpio the theme of shadow work is enhanced, this can be a highly emotional time. Scorpio is a water sign, which can bring much-needed cleansing and allow our intuitive clarity to come through. Pay close attention to your intuition, inner voice, and psychic downloads. Listening to your womb wisdom at this time is particularly powerful and potent.

Here are some practices you can add to ground yourself during this Lunar Eclipse:

  • Bathe in saltwater - You might be feeling a lot at this time, especially given the watery Scorpionic energy circulating at this time. Help yourself ground through a salt bath - Epsom salt with some grounding essential oils such as lavender or rosemary.
  • Eclipses are quite erratic in their energy, so it’s not a great time to do any intention setting or ritual, rather, it is a good time to ground down, rest, and reflect on what is, what has ended, and what will be your focus in the coming months ahead as we won’t see another eclipse until Fall 2022.
  • Ground - take time with the earth, go out in your bare feet and connect with the healing vibrations of the earth

Enjoy the release!


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