Scorpio Eclipse Portal Practices and Rituals

This week, our second eclipse portal of the year started. These portals hold an enormous amount of transformational energy, which brings times of change.

There are different kinds of eclipses and on October 25th, we had a solar eclipse where the new moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. This means that for a moment the light of the Sun will be hidden in some parts of the world.

As with the new moon energies, a deep internally-focused time, so too is the energy of the eclipse. It is during this portal of several weeks that we are being pushed into areas of discomfort and closure.

Notice during this time whether you are stuck in the mind, if you are experiencing an increase in constant thoughts, or if intense emotions are arising. These can all arise during this time, so turn towards practices to help ground and center yourself during this time. Also, avoid any intention setting around this new moon as the energies of the eclipses can be quite chaotic and energetically wild.

Swipe to read practices you can do to work with the energy of the eclipses over the next weeks.


Work with your breath on this Scorpio New Moon to release and let go of the knots within your body’s energy system. The practice of breathwork is a powerful match for the equally powerful portal of an eclipse. Do this by the dark of the early morning or evening to further work with the power of shadow.


While we are in a watery season of Scorpio, eclipse season is a good time to find a point of focus. Working with gazing at the rising or setting sun, or a flame will help you to ground into a very pointed vision. You can also use this as a release ritual and allow the waters of the eyes to flow as you stare without blinking.


Stay clear and connect with yourself through stillness and reflection. With the chaotic energies of the eclipse, you are welcoming in stability and groundedness with a simple meditation practice.

Dream Journaling

Eclipse season is a great time for receiving signs or messages about the path we are taking and a lot of the messages can come through dreams. Take a moment to set the intention to remember your dream before going to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, write down what you remember first thing.

Before reflecting on what the dream or symbol means, take a moment to sit with what you remember. Then dive in: what does it all mean?

Somatic Release

This being a big time of change and transformation, movement and shaking can be a great help when feeling overwhelmed and having many emotions in the body. Somatic movement can move stuck energy and release it.

Have a wonderful Eclipse season!

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