Virgo New Moon Rituals and Practices

Virgo season is here and with that comes its New Moon this Saturday 27th at 1:17 AM PT.

Virgo is a sign that appreciates the earthly realm of structure and organization, and healing. Further, it is ruled by Mercury, so it also has a deep connection to all the nuances of communication. This New Moon in Virgo greatly supports a focus on work, communication, health, and clarity. As a New Moon always marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, it is considered energetically a good time to plant intentions and seeds for your next cycle, especially around these themes.

And while Virgo's ruler Mercury, the planet of communication, brings a focus on expression and communication, we call upon the archetype of The Medicine Woman, and how she is here to heal. Sometimes healing comes through communication and other times it comes through our connection to the sustenance that is provided by the earth.

Virgo is represented by the Virgin, who is sovereign unto herself and who carries a stalk of grain as the nourisher. She is the Goddess of the Harvest and with harvest comes great nourishment and healing. From the Greek perspective, it is Demeter, and to the Romans, it is Ceres.

The energy of the powerful sovereign Virgo asks us how are we honoring our own sovereign nature. And with the Mercury connection, asking how are we expressing our truth at this time?

With the archetype of the healer, we are also asking to connect to the energy of this next lunation around what we are here to heal in this lifetime. What is it that resides within you that needs intention, attention, and deep understanding? As you are in this process of reflection, also consider how are you here to help others move through their own process of healing. How are you here to shepherd and hold the light?

Practices to connect to the New Moon in Virgo
  • Reclaim Your Sovereignty - Connect with yourself and take an honest look at where in your life you have sacrificed your freedom of self, your self-sovereignty. Reflect in writing how you will reclaim those aspects of your freedom and yourself.

  • Make Medicine - Creating healing herbal remedies or even simple herbal infusions to nourish your physical body and your energetic/emotional and spiritual body. Connect with plants that are abundant at this time of late summer, and what support and healing they have for you now.

  • Lay upon the Earth - Receive the deep healing of the earth by connecting to the Schumann resonance to calm the body and bring it into a resonance that is in tune with all of nature. Take a moment to sit or lay on the earth with as little between you and the soil as possible. Allow the roots from your body to grow into the earth.

  • Sovereign Truth - With a friend or partner, practice open listening and truth speak. Sit in front of each other and speak openly, while the other stay seated and just listens. Only when the person sharing is done can the other respond, and speak in return. This gives each person the space to share without the reactions of others coming into the conversation.

Our next Feminine Code Ceremony is happening for Autumn Equinox and Mabon on September 22nd. You can sign up for our Feminine Code Collective Waitlist and join us for next months ceremony here to work with the changing seasons.

Enjoy this time in Virgo and your connection to the earth and your own healing at this time.


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