Libra Full Moon Practices

This Saturday we welcome the Pink Moon in Libra, the first full moon at the astrological New Year that lands when the sun is in Aries. The scales of balance are being tipped back and forth as we seek to find our equilibrium in this next chapter.

With Libra ruled by Venus and Aries ruled by Mars, we see attention being brought to our relationships and partnerships (regardless of whether they are romantic, business, or friendships). Venus is one of the most feminine planets, it is softer, calmer, and more romantic in nature, while Mars is known for its strong and passionate warrior energy.

It is wonderful when we arrive at a Full Moon in Libra occurring in Aries, so we truly do get to feel this connection and balance between the masculine and the feminine aspects of ourselves and our relationships. This also illuminates the sacred marriage of the divine masculine and feminine.

As we head into Easter weekend with this Full Moon, we are also illuminating the true stories around Ostara (you can read about that in a previous post). It is a time of resurrection, rebirth, and resurgence into the new.

The Full Moon, shedding light on shadows, will bring attention to unresolved patterns we hold within our relationships, especially where there is an imbalance. This imbalance can be in many respects, but perhaps the easiest to connect to is how much I give and how open I am to receiving.  With the illumination of this moon, you may see old beliefs, traumas, or emotions come back up to the surface and asked to be seen and worked through.

Like with the New Moon in Aries, Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, guides us through the unknown and hidden emotions we have within, helping us rise above it and gain perspective on what might be going on inside and find harmony and balance within all your emotions.

Now is the time for you to gain a true perspective of the Masculine and Feminine aspects of self. You are the only one who can bring a balance of the masculine and feminine energies to yourself if you so wish it.

Here are a few practices to support the integration and balancing of the masculine & feminine within:

  • Make Love to the world around you - in any way, shape, or form that feels good. Give love to your home by gifting it fresh flowers, make love to your Beloved, create from this divine love your sacred creations
  • Reflect on the balance of masculine and feminine within you while burning a dark and a light-colored candle and alternate your gaze between them
  • Hold a black stone in one hand and a white or clear stone in the other hand, sit in meditation and watch what comes up for you
  • Close your eyes, stand on your two feet and feel into which direction you wobble or tilt, more onto your left, the feminine or right, the masculine. Journal your discovery.
  • Write two letters, one to your inner masculine and one to your inner feminine selves, describe to them the gifts they have given you, and give thanks.

Have a wonderful Moon day my Love!


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