Practices for this Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Welcome Full Super Moon in Capricorn, the second super moon of the year. A time when the astrological mother in Cancer and astrological father Capricorn bring with them these two polarities.

This whole month, since the New Moon in Cancer, we’ve been welcomed (pushed?) into our own deep emotional waters.  Repressed, disowned and forgotten emotions have been brought up to the surface to be cleared and make space for new energies to flow through.

Cancer is the primary energy in this lunar cycle with the focus on home, mothering, family, inner child, children, emotions, and feelings, and perhaps you may be feeling a lot of confrontation in your life. As we connect to the energies of this full moon in Capricorn, our past beliefs and patterns are being challenged and confronted.

Earthly Capricorn is calling on you to start grounding and embodying the lessons you’ve learned, the shadows you’ve integrated, and put them into practice. It is time to come out of the clouds and root yourself. Your growth is calling, and with it comes sovereignty.

How are you connecting to the earth at this time to expand in your growth - not just in meditation, your spiritual practice, or in ritual, but in real life. How are you being asked to grow now, in how you handle certain situations, people, and places.

Here are a few practices you can use during this Super Full Buck Moon:

  • Watch your earthly ways - Take note of how you are acting out old patterns and beliefs in your daily life. Be conscious of what practices you are doing to elevate them, change them, and then check-in whether they are grounded in your daily life.
  • Prepare gratitude - With Lughnasadh just around the corner, you can also start to take note of your gifts and blessings that have come to you in the earthly form. How have you been blessed over the past lunar cycle, or even year.
  • Earth and ground - Lay on the earth with as much of your bare skin on it as you can, or, at the very least, walk barefoot for an extended period. Consider taking a hike with your shoes in your backpack and do parts of it barefoot. Get grounded!
  • Honour balance - We need both the masculine (Capricorn) and feminine (Cancer). Take some time to honour your light and your dark, your solar and your lunar, your masculine, and your feminine. Get to know what parts of you are expressed in the world and what parts you keep hidden.

This month, join us July 22nd for our Mary Magdalene Rose Code Ceremony where we will dive into the Codes of the Rose & the divine feminine.


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