Gemini New Moon Rituals

On Thursday, June 6th, 2024, we welcome a gentle, expansive new moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini. This mutable air sign, symbolized by the Twins, asks us to embark on a journey of learning and exploration. When the winds of Gemini are upon us, we are invited to cross the landscapes of the intellect and connect with the power of our voice to create new possibilities. Beneath Gemini’s love of seeing things from both sides lies wisdom— the intrinsic unity beyond duality.

Jupiter in Gemini

As of May 25th, Jupiter has moved into Gemini, gracing this sign for the first time in 12 years. As Jupiter dances through Gemini for the next year, we are given the gift of expansion and growth in this area of our chart. We may feel our desire to connect socially and explore ideas through the art of writing and conversation during this time.

Venus and Saturn

This new moon is sweetened by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, also in Gemini, weaving threads of harmony, pleasure, and bliss into the areas of communication and community. While new moons are general times of introspection, Venus in Gemini playfully calls us to connect with loved ones. Meanwhile, Saturn guides us to discern where the boundaries of our relationships lay, recognizing the balance of give and take.

Rituals and Practices for the New Moon in Gemini

The following rituals can support you in nourishing fresh perspectives for Gemini Season.

1. Dual Pathway Ritual

Gemini energy often presents a choice, a fork in the road, or a decision point. This ritual is crafted to help you find clarity. Cup your palms before you, inviting in the energy of each choice, one in each hand. Feel the gentle currents of each possibility, attuning to the messages in the energy. Notice what feeling arises within each hand. As you turn your awareness inward, seek your heart’s guidance as it reveals the most resonant path or uncovers a third option that signs your next right step.

2. Honor Your Hands

Gemini rules the hands, and the new moon is a beautiful time to give your hands some tender, loving care. Symbolically, our hands express emotions and intentions from our hearts - think how we stroke a small animal, hug our loved ones, and caress the face of someone we adore. Gently massage your hands with a skin-friendly oil (jojoba, olive or coconut are wonderful options). As you massage your hands do so with a reverence for the balance of giving and receiving in your life, contemplating the myriad ways your hands serve as vessels of love and healing.

3. Write a Love Note

Gemini encourages us to use our words to connect, collaborate, and share. Choose someone or something that you would like to express your gratitude and appreciation to. Invite the energy of your love to take precedence over the intellect as you write words of appreciation to those whose presence blesses your life. Notice where and how this energy returns to you, amplified!

4. Come into Community

Gather under Gemini’s celestial canopy, and invite kindred spirits to a community in conversation. You might choose a theme or create place cards with questions that invite a lively flow, embracing the beauty of connection and the joy of mutual discovery. With a focus on communication and community, we are focusing on communing - and the union which is within that.

5. A Curious Heart

Allow Gemini’s curious nature to inspire a new journey of learning and discovery. Whether you sign up for a course or spend time researching a topic of interest, this moon encourages us to explore new realms of ideas. What is it that you have been wanting to learn more about? Consider picking up a book on the topic and diving in for some soul and brain-nourishing time.

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