Why Syncing Your Business To Your Menstrual Cycle is so Important

Why You Should Cycle Sync with Business: A Guide to Harmonizing Your Inner Seasons

Imagine the wonder of aligning your business strategies not just with the calendar and clock but with the inherent rhythms of your own body.

The menstrual cycle, dances in sync with the moon’s phases and offers a blueprint for managing energy, creativity, and productivity.

In a world that cherishes deadlines over natural cycles, tuning into our internal rhythms presents an opportunity for deeper balance and harmony, both personally and professionally.

Our menstrual cycle mirrors the seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—and each phase brings its unique energies and opportunities for our business endeavors.

Winter: The Menstrual Phase

In the stillness of winter, or your menstrual phase, rest and reflection are paramount. It’s a period for deep intuition and letting go of what no longer serves you. Business decisions made now are often deeply aligned with your core needs and desires. Allow yourself the space for rest, knowing that from this quietude, new insights and clarity will emerge for the cycle ahead.

Spring: The Follicular Phase

After the quiet of winter, spring bursts forth with new energy and inspiration. This phase, right after your period, is akin to the waxing moon, a time for new projects and fresh starts. It’s when brainstorming and planning feel most natural, as your body prepares for ovulation. Harness this burst of energy to lay the groundwork for what’s to come.

Summer: The Ovulation Phase

As the full moon illuminates the night, so does the ovulation phase lights up our work out in the world and creative energies. This is your inner summer, where communication, visibility, and collaboration peak. Use this time for networking, client meetings, and launching new offerings. Your magnetic energy is at its highest, drawing others to your light.

Fall: The Luteal Phase

Just as the world slows down in autumn, the luteal phase invites introspection and focus. This is a time for detail-oriented tasks, reflection, and release. As your energy begins to turn inward, leverage this phase for wrapping up projects, fine-tuning your strategies, and setting things in order before the quiet of winter arrives.

Aligning with these cycles means embracing a rhythm where energy levels, creativity, and productivity ebb and flow naturally. It’s about permitting yourself to rest when needed and to capitalize on the times when your energy is at its peak.

For those looking to dive deeper into aligning their business with their menstrual cycle, consider downloading my free Business Moon Cycle Map. There you can start by tracking the day of your cycle, noting how you feel physically and energetically. Over time, you'll begin to notice patterns and can plan your business activities in harmony with your cycle.

Embracing your menstrual cycle as a guide for business planning is not just about productivity; it’s a revolutionary act of empowerment. It’s a journey of unlearning societal messages that have diminished the power of our cycles and rediscovering the power within our natural rhythms. With patience and curiosity, aligning your business with the moon and your menstrual cycle can open up new pathways to success and fulfillment, grounded in the wisdom of your own body.

About Kate Murphy

Kate Murphy is an expert in menstrual cycle syncing and business. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she began teaching The Feminine Code Business School in 2019, which teaches a deeper way of working with the feminine flow aligned with business endeavors - it goes even deeper as the training also explores harmony and the moon's cycles.

If you’d like to explore your cycle and sync it to business activities, download the free Moon Cycle Map and start your journey with Menstrual Cycle Synching. Explore more here.


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