Meaning and Rituals for the New Moon in Cancer

Moving steadily through the year, we have arrived at our halfway point at the New Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is known as the mother sign within the Zodiac and it brings with it a time to reconnect to our emotions, soften, and spend time with the people we love. This season is about softening, loving what is, and healing the heart.

Cancer is the Cardinal sign of the water signs, meaning it’s a sign of leadership, in the most feminine of ways. Cancer invites us to move with heart-centered intention and with the flowing grace of water.

Each New Moon is an invitation to place intentions that will be worked on for the upcoming 6 months ahead are closed with the Full Moon in Cancer in December. As you plant seeds here for the coming months, find ways that you can commit to them as you move through to the next full moon in Cancer come December.  Everything is connected and its beautiful to find ways to connect your growth and intention to the different phases both monthly, but also bi-annually.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, enhancing our emotions and lunar nature. Cancer moons bring both fluidities in movement and a sliver of light into spaces that might feel stagnant, shadowy, and safely hidden - especially the more mystical one. This new moon is squared with Jupiter, and so some of the more amplification - it makes things bigger. Watch the emotional waters, and tend to them as your intuition feels needed.

This Cancer Moon may bring a nice refreshing look into all the fiery Mars and Aries energies that the planets have been moving through the past few weeks. Let this sign bring things up to the surface, and her waters clear away the debris that hangs around your emotional body.

Practices to include in your New Moon journey this week:

  • Heart opening movement - Cancer is connected to your heart and chest area. How creative can you get moving with the intention of opening your chest front and back? Consider some heart-opening yoga postures or even dance that opens the heart and chest.
  • Spend time in and around water - listening to flowing water calms the nervous system down and allows for clarity in the mind. Take advantage of this sensitive time to tap into water’s soothing medicine.
  • Write down your intentions for this new cycle - What heart’s calling is being asked to come through for you in the upcoming 6-months?
  • Gather - find yourself gathered with those you love, in an intention, loving way. Cook at your home, create a gathering for your closest friends, and be with those who are closest to your heart
  • Make plans for the future and how your heart wishes to live- this is a great time for intention setting especially around love, family, and home.

Sending Cancer New Moon blessings to you.


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