Gemini Full Moon Practices & Rituals

In the season of fiery Sagittarius, we welcome the Gemini Full Moon this December 7th at 11:08 pm EST.

Following Scorpio's eclipse season, Sagittarius brings our attention back to our inner arrow, pointing toward our North Star. As we get clear on the direction we are headed, we are now being asked to focus on the how. The “how we communicate,” and “how we can best utilize information” in order to arrive at our destination.

Gemini is an Air sign, which brings with it themes of communication, information, duality, twin energy, and multitasking. This sign is all about sharing information and dialogue. During the upcoming Full Moon, it is a potent time to ask yourself: what words am I using? What kind of information am I taking in? How am I sharing the story I am here to tell?

Gemini likes being in the mind and tends to do many things at the same time, with the focus of Sagittarius’ fire, we are supported to bring in focused attention.

In the Northern hemisphere, we are also in the season of winter and connected to the grounding earth energy. We are juxtaposed between the slowness and restful time of the season and the powerful air and fire energy of the astrology. Balance these two opposing energies by holding the patience in high regard. If plans or ideas are not moving as quickly as you’d like them to, see if it’s possible for you to appreciate things taking time. Trusting that perfect timing is taking care of it.

For this Full Moon, here are some practices and rituals that you might wish to do.

Intuition Tuning

Around the Gemini Full Moon, you are being called to deepen into your intuition. The Gemini mind can sometimes steer you from clarity - it can bring about many thoughts and too many directions in which to go. Utilize this time to listen closely to your inner guidance.

So too, as we start to direct our energy with Sagittarius energy, we may be inclined to lean towards our logic to plan, instead of listening to what our hearts are saying.

A beautiful and easy way to tap into your heart and notice what it feels like when intuition is guiding you is as follows:

Take a comfortable seat, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

Now, tell yourself: “1+2=3”

Notice, how does it feel in your body?

And now do it again but tell yourself: “1+2=4,”

Notice: how does that feel in your body?

When something is false, our bodies, however minimal, will always give us a signal.

Notice that signal of not being true — and pay attention to when this same feeling comes up as you move through life and decision-making.

If you didn’t feel anything that’s ok, intuition is like a muscle, and the more you practice it the easier it gets.

You can do this simple exercise anywhere, and you can ask yourself any obvious yes or no question, using math is easy, as there is (usually) a defined answer.

Have fun with it and remember to trust your answers, when you start to use your internal navigation to make decisions, the answers might not make sense to the mental mind, or might not be logical; however, stay the course. Some answers are only clear in hindsight.

Release Ritual

It’s the last full moon of 2022, so make space for release. As Full Moons can be a potent time to release the old and move on from more challenging aspects, use it as a time to consciously let go. As we are in the chrysalis of winter, all things decompose and transform. This is a sacred path toward freedom.

To complete this ritual, consider blowing that which you wish to release into a special stone or other nature items, and bury it as a gift back to earth. Allowing the transformation to take place as you garden your own heart.

Enjoy this Full Moon Energy!


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