New Moon in Leo with Ritual Suggestions

The Lionheart of the zodiac, Leo, welcomes us with arms wide open. Leo, the Lionheart, is connected to our heart and solar plexus chakras and activates with its fiery presence in both of these centers.  The Lioness/Lion in her Queendom/his Kingdom, is full of power, ferocious courage and is sovereign.

Leo is all about creativity, self-expression, child-like enthusiasm, authenticity, bravery, and heart-centered truth. The beauty of Leo is boundless: loving and honest, showing their truest nature, but as with every sign, we also look to shed light upon the shadow. For Leo, the shadow is connected to ego - and when Leo is operating in their wound, they might be serving a little too much attention to the ego.

During this New Moon, allow the beautiful aspects of Leo to shine into your family, home, creativity, the children, and your self-expression. Begin the process of planting seeds for the final harvest of the year and let your creativity run wild! We are also entering the Lion’s Gate portal which culminates on 08/08 as we begin with this New Moon in Leo.

Leo invites us to be true to ourselves and notice where we are giving away our personal power - its power reminds us that we are usually the ones that hold ourselves back from our truest nature, because of fears, especially around judgment. Paradoxically, we often forget that others hold the same fears, and we spend energy worrying about a judgment that does not exist, and if it does exist, certainly doesn’t matter.

Practices for the New Moon in Leo:
  • Heart-Opening Meditation - Take some time to sit with your heart, and feel it connect to everything around you, all the people, the plants the animals. If you would like a guided meditation here is a great one.

  • Journaling Gratitude - as we edge closer to the second harvest of the summer, at Lughnasadh, it is a beautiful practice to give gratitude and thanks. This is one of the purest heart practices we can do. To see everything we have and sit with all of the gifts we have received over the past spring and summer.

  • Burn the Limitations - Connect with Leo’s fire and create for yourself a fire ceremony where you burn away anything that was ever given to you as a limitation, either by yourself or by someone else. Take the ash and use it in your garden, or other place you can offer it as nourishment for the soil.

  • Dance & Celebrate in community - Open yourself up to your friends and family, this is the height of the season of connection. Dance, move and rise your internal flame - really celebrate the connections you have with brothers and sisters around you.

  • Cool down the heat - If you’re feeling overheated it can show up as anger, frustration, and erratic emotions.  Cool the body down and come into a calmer space by jumping into a moving body of water, or do a cooling breath work practice, like Sitali.

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