Plants to Celebrate Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh and Wheel of The Year

As we find ourselves within the portal of abundance and gratitude, positioned between Lunar and Solar Lughnasadh, we harvest the fruits of the Earth, and perhaps witness the initial outcomes of our projects, whether they are professional or personal.

If you are not very familiar with Lughnasadh, I recommend reading this article first and then returning to the information presented here. To provide some context, Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is one of the 8 Sabbats that constitute the Wheel of The Year, an ancient calendar used by the Celts as a guide to attune with the Earth's rhythms.

Occurring around the Full Moon (Lunar Lughnasadh) and when the Sun reaches 15 degrees in Leo (Solar Lughnasadh), this High Holiday signifies the celebration of the first harvest, specifically the grain harvest.

Lughnasadh Energy

When working with The Wheel of The Year, it's incredibly nourishing to delve into the spiritual wisdom each high holy day reveals.

In this light, Lughnasadh is not solely a time to harvest and celebrate, but also a reminder to express gratitude to Mother Nature for her bountiful gifts. The essence of abundance resides in the energy of gratitude.

When we can sincerely offer thanks from an authentic place, we can experience both joy and peace. The energy in which we live acts like a magnet: attracting more of what we are experiencing. It's a beautiful cycle that assists us in staying grounded as we remain open to receiving as well as giving.

Plants Connected to Lughnasadh

While we immerse ourselves in the energy of abundance, I enjoy engaging with specific plant allies. The following plants facilitate a connection with the vibrancy of Lughnasadh thanks to their association with the harvest and the sun.


Needless to say, Sunflowers have a special tie to the sun. As they turn their vibrant faces towards the sun, these majestic flowers embody the connection to the sun's life-giving energy - so essential for the growth of crops and sustenance of life on Earth. Their towering stance and golden petals evoke a sense of vitality and prosperity.

Sunflowers teach us a great many things, including the importance of finding the light even in challenging times, that abundance flows to those who are willing to step into the sun’s rays and be seen, as well as nourishment comes from standing in our own light.

Just as these flowers yield numerous seeds, embodying a bountiful harvest, they remind us of the rewards that come from nurturing our endeavors and cultivating a mindset of abundance.


This fragrant herb has long been associated with various cultural traditions as a symbol of remembrance, clarity, and purification.

In the context of abundance, rosemary's aromatic properties are believed to clear stagnant energies and create space for the flow of prosperity. Its hardy nature and ability to thrive in diverse conditions underline its message of resilience and growth, reminding us that abundance is not just about material wealth, but also about fostering a thriving spirit and mind.

As we engage with rosemary, we're reminded to cultivate a clear and receptive mindset, creating an environment where abundance can take root and flourish.


Honoring the Feast of the Mother Grain, another name for Lughnasadh, wheat becomes a potent ally to connect with the season.

Wheat's transformation through the seasons exemplifies the potential for transformation, growth, and prosperity when we nurture our endeavors. Just as a single seed yields multiple grains, wheat reminds us that our efforts, regardless of how modest they may seem, can lead to a bountiful harvest.

Its presence in rituals and celebrations for Lughnasadh underscores its role as a symbol of not only physical sustenance but also the spiritual richness that arises from the mindful cultivation of our purpose.


As these berries thrive in a variety of environments, they teach us that abundance can flourish even in unexpected places. Their thorns remind us that the path to abundance might have its challenges, yet the sweet and succulent fruit that emerges signifies that overcoming these obstacles leads to rich and fulfilling outcomes.

Thorns also remind us of boundaries, and noticing when our seeking of abundance comes from a place of healing or greed. They teach us to watch our intentions.

Just as blackberry bushes spread their branches and multiply their berries, they encourage us to share our abundance and create a cycle of giving and receiving - similar to how their branches hoop up and down into the earth and sky.

In their essence, blackberries embody the notion that embracing life's twists and turns while nurturing our dreams can lead to a life abundant with both tangible and intangible treasures.


The fragrant presence of thyme evokes a sense of wild growth. Thyme is known for its ability to thrive in various conditions, which reflects the idea that abundance can be prolific, even when the environment may make you think otherwise.

Thyme's long history of culinary, medicinal, and even spiritual uses underscores its connection to the seasons. As we incorporate thyme into our practices, we're reminded that an abundance of small, consistent efforts can lead to a harvest of great rewards.

How to Work with Plant Allies

There are several ways to incorporate the properties of these plants into our practice. For instance, I enjoy using sunflowers to adorn my altar, serving as a reminder of the potent energy of the sun. This allows me to welcome their vibrancy into my sacred space.

Apart from redecorating your altar or home with these plants, you can also incorporate them into your cooking. Rosemary and thyme are remarkably nourishing that can also help us integrate the essence of abundance when eaten with intention.

Baking bread presents another wonderful ritual for your own personal thanksgiving, allowing you to actively meditate on gratitude during the process. Having friends or family join you in this ritual can be a beautiful way to connect, and embrace the energy of gratitude and abundance.

Regardless of the plant you choose to work with and regardless of the practice (you can also opt for a long nurturing bath or use oils and infusions to embrace the energy of these plant allies), consider doing so with a strong intention and open heart.


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