The Spiritual Meaning of Sunflower

Sunflower Plant Ally

As we come into the last weeks of August, the last remnants of Leo’s fire are in the air. Leo’s lesson is often about being the light - shining, standing in your power and taking up space.

But for many, taking up space and being seen can be a very challenging place to be. We all have our own stories, experiences, and pains that have helped to mold our habits and behaviors - our coping mechanisms and our patterns.

Often, hiding feels safe. Shying away from the public eye, or even close family and friends, can be a way of “protection.”

However, what we are truly doing is “prevention.” We are preventing our growth. To grow we need the sun, and to be in the sun, requires us to step out of the shadow.

Welcome the fire with this healing plant ally, as you step out: Sunflower.

Sunflower is here to help you express yourself fully.

If you feel you are hiding, you can connect to Sunflower and let the light shine on you. Sunflower always turns its head to the sun - it seeks the nourishment that the light provides. In ancient times, Priestesses would wear and carry this for ceremonies as a power symbol for healing and the energy of the stomach and solar plexus. It helps you to see the truth of your life and bolsters your strength to be assertive, and Sunflower is also connected to fire, which helps things to transform quickly.

Different Uses and Benefits for Sunflower

Sunflower can be used as oils, seeds, tinctures, dried, powder and can be ingested, energetic or topical. Here are some ways to work with this plant both physically and energetically.

  • Place a petal on your tongue and visualize yourself receiving a golden ray of the wisdom of your own soul. Let the gold you take in be absorbed through you to awaken the wisdom within you.

  • The sunflower seed contains golden oil and can be used to take away emotional pain, use the oil freely and often and rub it on the body for those suffering great emotional pain.

  • Seed oil can also be used for anointing, and can be used when someone is going through transitions in their life and need to die and be reborn again.

  • Sunflowers are rich in vitamins, minerals and have a high amount of antioxidants which help in supporting the immune system and fight viruses

  • The Yellow colour is connected to the solar plexus chakra in the body, and can be used to help increase the energy of our inner sun and persona power.

Let yourself be inspired by this plant that has such a deep connection to the sun, whether it’s by using it in your food or wearing its colours.

What’s your favourite use of Sunflower?


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