What is a Priestess Training?

The Path of a Priestess: Embracing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

First, it might be important to answer the question: “What is a Priestess Training?”

Priestess Training is essentially a several-year-long journey that teaches and transmits the necessary wisdom to one who wishes to walk the path of this life as an Initiated or Ordained Priestess, in service to the Divine Feminine (while honoring the Masculine aspects of unity). Embarking on a Priestess Training journey is a profound return to, and remembrance of, ancient wisdom.

Embarking on Priestess Training: What Awaits You?

A Priestess Training is an immersive experience, awakening your inner sanctum. This transformative process deepens your connection with the Divine, Great Nature, and your direct experience and connection to both. Training will often be both wisdom-sharing and transmission-based, meaning that not all can be taught from a book.

Integrating Spiritual and Earthly Realms in Priestess Training

A key aspect of Priestess Training is recognizing the Divine in all creation, bridging celestial and terrestrial realms. This training cultivates an understanding of the masculine and feminine energy balance, manifesting harmony in personal growth, environmental interaction, and community engagement. Essentially it becomes both etheric and practical in nature. A modern-day Priestess Training will guide you to be able to weave the ancient wisdom and practices in your present life so that it is relevant to the world we are in today.

The Role of the Modern-Day Priestess

Today's Priestess embraces dynamic roles, equipped with tools for healing, reflection, and unity. A Priestess Training enables you to garner the tools needed for a great many roles within society, but also within your own life.

In the contemporary landscape, modern-day priestesses embody a profound connection to their intuition. Priestesses share their unique gifts with the purpose of supporting others on their journeys - whether that be in transformation or crossing the threshold between life and death. Priestesses today will often engage in holding Ceremonies and Rituals and may work in the realm of Healing or Guidance (although this is a very limited perspective).

A Priestess is very much focused on working through and with the Divine Feminine aspect for helping, guiding, and healing others. Today, many Modern-Day Priestesses focus on holding space for groups of women to reclaim and remember their power and to facilitate healing by connecting individuals to the divine within.

As a modern-day Priestess, you may be a Mentor, a Healer, an agent of change, a Visionary, a Midwife, a Celebrant, an Artist, or a Guide leading others in self-discovery and connecting with inner wisdom and life's greater cycles. Today there is no one way to priestess - perhaps you’re already doing so!

Embark on a Spiraling Journey of Wisdom

Priestess Training is an endless journey of discovery, and a lifelong journey, guided by alchemical wisdom and Great Nature. It invites you to weave your unique thread into the tapestry of this ancient, evolving role, continuing the legacy of honoring the divine feminine and divine masculine in greater unity.

Are you ready to embark on Your Priestess Journey?

For those called to the Priestess path, join this year's Sacred Spiral Priestess Journey, part one of The Feminine Code Priestess School’s initiatory path.

Feel the ancient whispers beckoning you to rediscover your essence and potent magic.

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