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Looking for a particular solution or feeling energetically stuck in your business? A Feminine Code Business Reading with Kate can help light your way.
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What’s a Feminine Code Business Reading?

A Feminine Code Business Reading is a 1:1 session with Kate, designed to guide you on your entrepreneurial or business path, with a spiritual and energetic bend. It is a bespoke modality that Kate created after seeing many founders struggle with both the practical and the energetic aspects of their business. These sessions are a wonderful way to gain clarity around a specific question or topic as it relates to your business, or, to see opportunities and/or blockages within your business’ energetics. Take your next steps with deeper insight.

Who is it for?

A Feminine Code Business Reading is for founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs alike, as well as those who are feeling stuck in the tricky masculine-ruled business world. A Feminine Code Business Reading is right for you if you are looking to make a shift, take a new leap, launch something new, connect to greater abundance, or just gain clarity about your path. This session is very open, so come as you are.

How to Prepare

Before the session, be sure to arrive with a clear question or issue you would like to work with.
Ensure you have a quiet space to be undisturbed for the duration of your 50-minute session.
Bring a notebook and pen if you like to take notes, or, simply record the session to your device.

What to Expect in a Session

Kate will start by connecting with you, energetically and hearing your primary question.

From there, she will intuitively guide you through the Reading, often leading to more questions, answers, and healing.

At the end of the session, you may be given homework to continue your exploration and journey. Each session is bespoke to the person and their needs at that time, so you may have a different experience in each session.
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What they're saying

“One-on-one work with Kate is nothing short of transformational”

One on one work with Kate is nothing short of transformational. It is an infusion of confidence, clarity, and forward movement. An alchemical result of all the extraordinary parts of herself, priestess, healer, brilliant business mind that she brings to these individual sessions.
-Kami, Founder Kami Speer
What they're saying

“She helped my business expand in ways I didn't know possible, including booking my first $40K client”

I love working with Kate. When working with her, she has a magical yet professional presence and has a way of blending the masculine action side of business while also working through the feminine, emotional and spiritual pieces you need to work through to move forward. She's helped my business, Bloom Generation, expand in ways I didn't know possible, from booking the 40k wedding to having my sacred offerings (that I was very much hiding) front and center. My work has opened in many ways but I'd say what I really love most is how confident I am in my work, offerings, and self after every call I have with her.
- Gina, Founder Bloom Generation
What they're saying

“The best investment”

Grateful for all of your help and support - I keep saying to my friends and family you are the best investment I've made!
- Holly, Founder
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How Kate works

Kate works in a unique way as she is an initiated High Priestess and a business expert. Having founded and started up several successful companies - including a nearly 8 year-stint as CEO of a tech company that went public, she has a breadth of experience in the practicalities of business (you can read more on that here); however, what makes her work so unique is her deep connection to the spiritual realm, and how she works with nature in her methodology, The Feminine Code. Kate works with her intuitive gifts and in communion with Great Nature, to help guide you to your own answers.

How Does a Reading Differ from 1:1 Business Mentorship?

Working with Kate in her 1:1 Business Mentorship is a deep dive on every level and considers every aspect of both yourself and your business. In the Mentorship, you have access to Kate in two-live calls per month, 2X per week Voice Memos to maintain momentum, personalized homework, embodiment practices, as well as ad-hoc meditations or rituals. Additionally, she opens up her personal contacts (where appropriate), business secrets, and her own personal practices for those within this intimate program. Business Mentorship is by application only and starts at a minimum 3-month commitment. It is for those ready to take their business to the next level in a serious way. You can learn more about business mentorship here.

What you should know before booking?

All Feminine Code Business Readings are non-refundable; however, should you need to reschedule, you may do so 48-hours before the start of your session.
While Kate will guide you to your own answers and help shed light on areas that may be in the shadow, ultimately it is up to you to decide what decisions are best for you and your unique path at this time. You hold your power.
Sessions are 50-minutes, held over Zoom, and should you wish to record your session, you can do so by clicking “Record to Computer” at the beginning of your session.
Kate is not a lawyer, accountant, or tax specialist, she cannot answer questions pertaining to your business’s particular structure and decisions on these topics, with the exception of from an energetic perspective. If you have practical questions on these topics, you would need to speak with the respective licensed professional in your jurisdiction.
“It changed not only my business for the better, but my life. Adding the feminine to business is revolutionary!”
“The day I completed the Feminine Code Business School I made my first sale and it was to my dream client: an international celebrity.”
“I loved the content, the overall experience and the community. I gave myself permission to be a beginner, and I felt welcomed by everyone.”
- Kristina
“I learned so much. Things that I before have been thinking were so difficult, for example, budgeting, I now I find so fun and important.”
- Tine
“I feel so much more grounded and more at ease from being in and working from a state of flow, rather than being in control.”
- Ellen

$375 / Session

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