Five Rituals to Release & Celebrate

In the later part of the year, when the dark is greater than the light and the harvests are done, it is time to exhale. It is the bottom of the earth’s very own exhale. Having lived in Norway over the past few years, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for this time of year. With days having no more than 4-5 hours of sunlight, the darkest part of the winter it is called “mørketid,” or literally translated, “the dark time.”

I use this period for more quality “inward time” with the self. During these days, I take time to go inside, both literally and figuratively, light candles and spend time nourishing my heart & emotional body. Reflecting on the year that has past and this year, the decade. Giving gratitude for all my gifts and blessings and remembering all the growth that has taken place. Honouring the dark, and the return of the light.

Here are some winter solstice and end of year activities to experience the beauty of the time of year.

  • Journal your dreams for the year ahead, list them, paint them, make them into a poem, dance them into being, it doesn’t matter how you express them, but do plant your intentions for the year ahead. This is like the “new moon” of the year
  • Plant a few seeds in a jar by the window and watch them germinate and sprout over the coming weeks. I planted some basil seeds when the warmth returns, I’ll plant them in my flower boxes.
  • Meditate with visualization, and watch in your mind’s eye your old patterns and sabotaging beliefs leave your body and go into the earth to be nourishment for her. Watch her transmute it for you. There are no rules on how to see them, but try it for 11 or more minutes.
  • Use a broom to sweep your home, and remove any old stagnant energy as well as debris, out of your home. It’s symbolic but also functional following the physical cleaning, you can burn cleansing sacred smoke, like sweetgrass, palo santo or even dried pine needles.
  • Sing in celebration for the return of the sun, songs bring a lot of light into this any time of dark release.

How are you celebrating and ending?

Big LOve,


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