Rituals for the Capricorn Full Moon

Rituals and Practices for the June 21st Full Moon in Capricorn

On Friday, June 21st, 2024 (or June 22nd depending on your time zone), as we bask in the abundance of the Summer Solstice, we are gently guided towards another powerful portal: the first of two full moons in a row in the cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn.

Litha / Summer Solstice

Litha, also known as Midsummer, occurs on Thursday, June 20th, just prior to the full moon. Litha is already the full-moon time of the Wheel of the Year, and combined with this full moon in Capricorn, we have a potent moment to step forward into our sacred destiny.

Here we honor the full light of the sun as it reaches its zenith and the abundant beauty of nature in full bloom while beckoning an awareness of the harmonious balance of light and dark, as the light will steadily decrease from this pinnacle moment.

Litha, often celebrated with a bonfire, is a time of transforming what is no longer relevant to our journey forward as we turn our focus to what is ready to bloom in our lives and share our gifts with the world.

The Full Moon in Capricorn

It is highly unusual to have two full moons in the same sign, and this year they will occur at 1 degree and 29 degrees–the very first and last degrees of steady, trustworthy, Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

During this special energetic portal, we are invited to embrace the alpha and omega in our lives, recognizing that every ending is a beginning and every beginning is an ending.

At this first full moon, we initiate a new cycle of learning, maturity, and growth related to Capricorn themes of pragmatism, taking responsibility, long-term goal-setting, authority, leadership, and the harmonious balance of power in our lives.

Venus, Mars, and Neptune

As we gaze upon the celestial canvas of this first full moon, Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, gazes upon us from the mystical and tender waters of Cancer. Her gentle whispers beckon us to infuse our aspirations and abodes with the sweetness of love, pleasure, and all that brings us joy and comfort.

A harmonious dance unfolds as Mars in Taurus extends a stabilizing hand, urging us to tread the path with patience and steadfast determination. And in the mystical embrace of Neptune, we are invited to infuse our endeavors with the enchanting whispers of the divine and heed the gentle wisdom of the heart’s knowing.

Rituals and Practices for the First Full Moon in Capricorn

The following rituals and practices honor the profound initiatory energy of this full moon. Feel free to navigate through them and choose the ones that feel most aligned with your current journey.

1. Planning as a Sacred Practice

Step into ritual space by expressing each of the elements. With a steady ear to your intuitive voice, listen to its whispers around a meaningful vision you wish to call into form. Then, with Capricorn's guiding hand, begin by drawing a path on a paper. Then choose 7 rocks or stones, and place them upon the path, again, intuitively. Write next to each stone a step that is taken towards that vision. As you arrive at each milestone upon the path, bury that stone as an offering. Watch what magick unfolds!

If you would like to learn more about how to plan based on nature’s cycles and your own rhythms, I invite you to download my free Moon Rituals and Cycle Mapping workbook as a supportive tool for powerful daily rituals aligned with each phase of the moon.

2. Journey to the Mountain Top

Honor Capricorn’s mythic sea goat, by embarking on a journey to a summit. As you walk or hike a mountainside (or hillside), honor the resilience of your knees and joints, symbols of both strength and stability. At the peak, offer gratitude for their unwavering support on this life’s journey. If this is not accessible, you can envision yourself summiting a mountain and view what lies before you as a deep teaching.

3. Seek the Counsel of an Elder

Invoke the wisdom of the wise elder, whether in the form of a family member, a teacher, or an old soul within your community. As a society, we have lost connection with the wise counsel the elders provide. Receive their insights into a particular question, or just hear their story. You might choose to apply this wisdom to a specific area of life between the two Capricorn full moons and track how it influences your path. Offer something to this teacher for their generous sharing.

4. Create a Full Moon Portal Altar

This altar will serve as a symbol of your strength, dedication, and wisdom over the next month. You might add herbs associated with Capricorn such as rosemary, marjoram, tarragon, or nettle, or crystals known to support Capricorn’s essence such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or malachite. Keep this altar for both Full Moons and witness what changes happen upon it organically within that time. Use the changes as a divination tool.

As we enter this sacred time between two full moons, you might keep a journal and note what comes up for you as we move through the beautiful gift of this portal.

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