Scorpio Full Moon Rituals

Scorpio Full Moon

As the Scorpio Full Moon graces the skies on April 23, 2024, we find ourselves facing our shadow selves and contemplating our relationship with concepts like control, power, death, and transformation.

Guided by the potent energy of Scorpio, ruled by the transformative forces of Pluto, we are summoned to confront the depths of our psyche with unwavering courage and honesty. Scorpio ignites the flames of truth within us, urging us to delve into our innermost desires, fears, and truths, and to embrace the process of regeneration and renewal. Like the mythical phoenix, Scorpio teaches us the alchemy of transformation, empowering us to rise from the ashes of our past and emerge reborn. Amidst the intensity of Scorpio's energy, we find solace in knowing that through surrender and release, we can pave the way for profound growth and metamorphosis.

Rituals and Practices for the Scorpio Full Moon

The rituals and practices below are designed to assist you in harnessing the transformative energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Whether you choose one or more rituals is entirely up to you; they are simply provided to help foster a deeper connection with the natural realm.

Scrying at the Inner Well

For this ritual, you will need a bowl of water, a candle, and your journal. It is best performed during the night under the light of the full moon. Find a quiet space and light your candle to create your container. Position your bowl of water in front of you and begin to gaze into its depths, allowing the water to communicate with you. Engage in this meditative stare for at least 10-15 minutes, absorbing the messages that arise. When you feel ready, gently close your eyes or soften your gaze, and jot down any insights you have received in your journal. Finish the ritual by expressing gratitude for the wisdom received.

Grounding through Beauty

While the moon may be in Scorpio, the Sun is in Taurus and Taurus, is all about beauty. Invite these earthly energies into your home by creating a flower bouquet for your altar or, with Beltane not far behind, consider creating a flower crown for yourself, allowing the vibrant energy of the blooms to connect with your mind and third eye. Scorpio, being a profoundly passionate and mystical sign, encourages us to connect with the potency of flowers as our plant allies. Through them, we can harness their beauty to deepen our connection with the Earth, especially as we navigate intense emotional transitions under this potent sign. While crafting your bouquet, you can serenade your flowers with a song and perhaps jot down any insights or emotions in your journal, preserving them for reflection.

Phoenix Rising Embodiment Practice

For this ritual, you will need a candle, a bowl of water, your journal, and optional transformation crystals like labradorite or obsidian. Center yourself with deep breaths. Envision the intense light of the Scorpio Full Moon surrounding you. Write down beliefs or habits you wish to transform. Burn the paper with the candle's flame, then place the ashes in the water, symbolizing cleansing and renewal. Visualize yourself rising like a phoenix, renewed and empowered. Feel the Scorpio Full Moon infuse you with strength and courage. Express gratitude for growth and transformation. Keep the bowl by your altar or bedside to carry the ritual's energy with you.

Listening into Silence

With the end of Mercury retrograde here, you can consider tapping into the silence of reflection. Do this by rising before dawn and seek out a private setting to ground yourself. Simply sense the connection to the earth beneath you. Close your eyes, center your attention on your breath, and attune to the gentle energies surrounding you. Let your intuition lead as you tune into the quiet murmurs of silence, embracing the nurturing essence of tranquility.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is a wonderful opportunity for deep introspection and transformation. As we immerse ourselves in its glow, we can honor the wisdom of Scorpio and trust in the process of growth and renewal that unfolds within us.

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