How do I become a Priestess?

How do I become a Priestess?

Perhaps you feel the words stir something within you. When you hear the world “Priestess” what does it evoke within you? It is possible that you are Priestessing, without giving it that title. Anytime you are infusing healing and love into that which you create, or holding space for others in a way that helps them transition and transform you are partaking in the act of Priestessing.

While over the past thousands of years, the role has been shamed and decimated, the essence of the Priestess is still very much among us, and it is no wonder that many women are starting to awaken to this path and seek answers to the question: How do I become a Priestess?

If you wish to become a Priestess, it means that you feel the call of past remembrance. Something within you remembers this in your blood and your bones.

The Path of the Priestess unfolds for those with a yearning to remember more deeply, and a calling to serve - both others and the divine. If you find yourself drawn to this mystical path, here are some suggestions to guide you on your path.

Answer the Call

The path of the Priestess starts when you hear a quiet voice inside you. Listen carefully to your inner feelings and strong desires that lead you to a life of helping others, learning, and honoring what is sacred. You might find this calling in your dreams, when you're with nature, when you're peacefully thinking, or in a divine rage about an injustice. Pay attention to these inner messages - they are the first steps in the story you will weave as you walk your priestess journey.

Begin the Seeking of Knowledge and Guidance

Remembrance is the foundation upon which the Priestess's wisdom is built - it first comes from within. But to continue tapping into that remembrance, and understand the depths, it is important to seek out a Guide. In ancient times, the Priestess used to study in what we now call a Mystery School, where she would learn about healing, magick, and alchemy. Here you may wish to explore the sacred texts, teachings, and traditions that resonate with your heart. Seek out mentors and guides who can illuminate your path and share their wisdom with you. A Priestess is a student of the mystical arts, a path that is lifelong.

Honor the Divine Feminine

A Priestess honors the divine feminine, a force of nurturing, intuition, and transformation. But so too, recognizes the importance of unity and balance and thus, the divine masculine as well. To become a Priestess, it is important to awaken and embrace the divine feminine within yourself first. Cultivate your intuition, honor your emotions, and connect with the cycles of nature. These will help you to build a strong relationship with the Divine Feminine.

Immerse Yourself in Rituals and Ceremony

When you’re starting out, consider joining community Ceremonies held by women who are initiated Priestesses. Additionally, begin creating sacred space in your daily life, practice rituals that resonate with you, and even consider creating ceremonies for yourself. Whether it's lighting candles, working with the elements, or communing with the unseen realms, these acts of devotion connect you more deeply to the Path of the Priestess.

Dedicate Yourself to Service

A Priestess's path is one of service to the divine and to humanity. Dedicate yourself to helping others, in whatever way that unfolds for you (serving meals at a soup kitchen, or spending time at an elderly care facility are all ways to Priestess in your daily life). As you serve, you embody the Priestess's role.

Seek a Training

If after you have started to walk this path more consciously, you feel called to go deeper, consider seeking out a training that resonates for you. Remember that the path of a Priestess is deeply personal and unique to each individual. Focus on your own unique gifts, talents, and inclinations. Your journey may not look like anyone else's, and that's perfect. Trust your intuition and let it guide you on your one-of-a-kind path.

While initiating as a Priestess is what some wish for, it is important to note that becoming a Priestess is not a destination, but a continuous lifelong journey of growth, healing, service and evolution. Trust in divine timing, and know that you are always exactly where you need to be on your path. Be patient with yourself, and allow the mystical currents of the universe to carry you forward.

Where to Start?

If you feel the call within you and are ready to embark on your priestess path, you are welcome to join The Sacred Spiral Priestess Journey, a Year-and-a-Day program guided by the Wheel of The Year, the directions, and the elements. You can join the waitlist here.

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