Celebrating the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

On Saturday, September 10th at 2:58 am PST, we welcome the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces.

As we make our way through the sovereign sign of Virgo, there is a time of structure and organization, shedding away the old and making a bit more space inside for the quiet months ahead. At the same time, the Full Moon in Pisces is inviting us to dive deeper into the path of the mystic and our higher selves.

The Full Moon is a time of completion - where we have reached the pinnacle of growth and are just entering the cusp of harvest time and release. Pisces cycle began with the New Moon in March and so it comes to a head at this full moon, a full six months later. Whenever we have a full moon, we can look beyond the current lunar cycle and look back at the previous 6 months for themes around the astrology of that particular moon.

In this case, consider looking back over the last moons/months and tap into how your inner mystic has both been expanded and challenged. How have you grown? How have you explored your inner-knowing, especially when it comes to that which is not of the material realm?

The Harvest Moon, is aptly named, as it arrives just between the first harvest festival of Lughnasadh and the second harvest festival of Mabon. With every harvest comes with it the energy of gratitude, the action of releasing, and receiving the gifts of the harvest from your creations over the last months. Many of the seeds that were planted during Pisces season are now bearing fruits. Enjoy!

Pisces is arguably one of the most evolved signs in the zodiac - as the final and 12th sign, it is known for its connection to intuition, dreams, and the unseen realms. With the full moon in Pisces, we are also given a beautiful opportunity to shine light onto our shadows and really see them for what they truly are - pieces that have yet to be loved and integrated. It’s the last water sign of the zodiac too, bringing forth deep emotional waters and energetic connection.

During a Pisces moon, it is not uncommon to feel these tides moving within us, a push and pull of emotions so to speak, which speaks to the glyph or symbol of Pisces which shows a fish swimming upstream and the other swimming down. With water governing our sacral chakra, we are also supported in connecting to our intuitive space. For women, the womb space is divinely connected to the watery, all-knowing Piscean energies.

How can you use your intuition to accomplish your most basic acts?

Can you fully follow and trust your deepest inner guidance?

Pisces Full Moon Practices & Rituals

Here are a few Practices you can do during this Full moon to set find balance within

Dream Work - Take note of your dreams in the days leading up to, during and following the full moon. Take notes in the morning when you arise and jot down whatever you can remember, even if it is only minor and simple things. At the end of the sixth day, take a bit more time to reflect on the bridges between the dreams, are there connections there, and are there links to your past 6 month’s journey of healing and growth?

Take a Moon Bath - If you have the chance to spend this full moon in water, take the time. This Piscean energy invites the flow of water to move through us. Sitting in the water soaking up the Full moonlight can allow for deeper activation of the intuitive channel if you open yourself to it and welcome it with intention. Consider placing into a bath blue lotus flowers, amethyst stones and salt. Send an intention to these sacred waters of what answer you wish to receive.

Create a release ceremony for your space - Take stock of your home and living space. Begin to reassess what is needed and what can be harvested (given away, recycled or put to the bin). Be really honest in this exercise, and notice that as you make space what room you create within yourself. Especially consider items that were reminiscent of old lovers, partners or parts of your life that you have moved on from. It is not a forgetting, but rather, a releasing.

Harvest Altar - Collect that which you have harvested in your area (local farmer’s markets are great). Collect this abundance and create a “cornucopia” of this abundance on your altar or your dining room/kitchen table. Create a list of all that you are grateful for from the year past, and place that within the abundance of harvest. Be in this energy of abundance and gratitude, as like begets like.

To dive even more deeply into the harvested energy, join us for the Feminine Code Mabon Fall Equinox Ceremony on September 22nd. It is a most potent time to come together as a community and celebrate the change happening around us. Sign up here.


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