Full Supermoon in Sagittarius & Rituals

A supermoon in Sagittarius is orbiting close to earth tomorrow, and it is powerful. Anytime we have a supermoon, we may experience an amplification of its energy - both physically and emotionally.

With the moon in the fire sign Sagittarius, we are with the potent energy of the Wise Woman archetype. She who holds the wisdom, and dives deeper into nature's intelligence, her own shadow, and that of society around her, for the purpose of healing and wisdom. And with wisdom, comes the en-light-enment. A full moon illuminates and shines light onto that which is needing attention or healing.

This Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of freedom, justice, and proof. Bringing extra attention to the shadows, especially around these themes, as well as learning and exploration. This Moon is also deeply connected to the asteroid Lilith, the dark, uncompromising, wild, feminine who speaks up and does not heed any form of authority that attempts to control her. This energy is very much accompanied by Inanna (also known in other lineages as Ishtar), the Sumerian Goddess of love, sexuality, justice, and war. She is the Goddess that descends to the underworld. We will dive more deeply into this mythos in the Litha/Summer Solstice blog.

Lilith and Inanna, are both very strong, wild, unapologetic, and arguably even chaotic Goddesses. Their mythos both revolves around rejection and descent. Lilith was thrown out of the Garden of Eden for not obeying Adam, while Innana descended into the underworld - where she was unwelcomed and killed - in order to be present for the funeral rites of her sister, Ereshkigal’s, husband.

Both, however, show that for big change to happen the Sagittarius traits of taking risks, journeying to another land, and adventure must be prioritized. While we may see big changes around us over the coming months, allow the curiosity of this Sagittarius moon to look at those changes as first steps in the next great chapter of your journey.

For the Full Moon in Sagittarius, here are some suggested practices:

  • Journey - Consider creating for yourself a short journey - or even consider planning a longer one. As you harness the adventurous spirit of fiery Sagittarius, great learnings will flow to you in abundance!
  • Delight in a strawberry ritual - with this strawberry full supermoon, commune with the essence and energetics of nourishing strawberry. Strawberry, as a plant ally, is very closely connected to the sweetness of life, love, and fertility (think of all the seeds on the outside of it).
  • Adventure into Nature - take yourself on an explorative excursion out into nature, perhaps somewhere you have never been before, but have always wanted to. Commune with the plant allies and animal spirits there. Ask them with gratitude, “What are you here to teach me?”
  • Complete a Release Practice - Under the full moon, commune with that which is needing a deeper release by burning your burdens. Under the light of the full moon, write on a paper what it is you are releasing at this time. Then, roll it into a pencil shape and begin to burn it until only ash is left. Gift the ash as nourishment and transmuted energy to the earth, or better yet, to a flower of your choosing.

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