Libra New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

On October 14th, a potent Solar Eclipse aligns with a New Moon in Libra. This event unveils a powerful gateway for our spiritual healing and transformation, offering opportunities for course corrections along our path (especially in relationships) and a deeper exploration of balance. With the magic of Samhain around the corner, and the balancing Libra energies to meet the chaos of eclipse season, we are being asked to embrace our healing even more deeply.

What You Should Know about the Solar Eclipse on October 14th

Solar Eclipses, in essence, manifest when the moon positions itself between the sun and our earth. Ancient wisdom once linked these eclipses with substantial societal shifts, such as the fall of rulers or kings. Over time, our perception of solar eclipses has evolved, now emphasizing a positive outlook centered around recalibrating our life path. This process of reassessment and course correction during and post-eclipse doesn't always stem from our personal intentions but rather directly from the divine forces.

An essential aspect of understanding this specific solar eclipse is that it doesn't stand alone as an isolated celestial event. It follows in the wake of the Venus retrograde we experienced earlier this year, spanning from July 22nd to September 3rd. Venus, the ruler of our hearts (and the ruling planet of Libra), underwent retrograde in the sign of Leo—a realm associated with love and passion. This gave immense transformative power to Venus' energy. Essentially, Venus retrograde compelled us to confront what we often keep deeply buried within our hearts, surfacing these emotions and nudging us to confront and process them. Picture it as opening our hearts to vulnerability, a courageous step towards healing.

Since Venus resumed its direct path, we have immersed ourselves in the healing journey, embracing and attending to those fragmented pieces of our hearts that demanded our focus. Furthermore, this eclipse acts as a gateway to the eclipse season commencing on the 14th of October and concluding on the 29th with the Taurus Full Moon.

Libra: Balance and Justice

Libra, the airy sign of scales, embodies notions of justice, law, and a discerning divide between right and wrong. This zodiac is synonymous with impartial thinking, epitomizing truth and equilibrium. When we contemplate the exquisite cosmic waltz of the sun and moon, a remarkable harmony typically graces their dance. However, during a solar eclipse, the moon takes the forefront, disrupting this balance, a phenomenon unfolding within the realm of the usually balanced Libra.

Libra's dominion extends over our relationships, making this eclipse likely to resonate in this sphere. It might spark introspection into a specific relationship, prompting us to evaluate our interactions and connections.

Solar Eclipse and the Libra New Moon

Indeed, this upcoming solar eclipse and new moon in Libra carry potent healing energy, particularly for the Divine Feminine within us all. Why is this significant? Firstly, eclipses have a strong and often turbulent energy, which can stir things up before finding calm. Happening in Libra, this suggests a shift in how we reason and judge situations.

The usual clear line between right and wrong blurs, reminding us that life isn't just black and white, but an array of grays. Realizing this sets off a powerful release—letting go of fear, anger, judgment, and sadness. This understanding embodies the balance that Libra teaches us about. However, this isn't an instant change. Although the solar eclipse occurs on the 14th of October, it's the start of a transformational path that will continue to unfold in the weeks ahead.

Libra Solar Eclipse and Samhain

This eclipse portal serves as a precursor to Samhain, the culmination of the 8 High Holy Days within The Wheel of The Year. Samhain holds the essence of profound spiritual transformation, where the veil between the mystical and physical realms thins. It signifies a delicate balance and beauty in the transition from harvest to rebirth—a moment to embrace the apparent "death" in nature as a promise for a new cycle.

In this season, we're once again encouraged to relinquish, to release, and to wholeheartedly embrace what is, thus transforming it into something truly magical. Within our "poison" (pain) and "death," there resides immense power, waiting to be harnessed into possibility.

Rituals for the Libra Solar Eclipse

Amidst the dance of eclipse season, and the perpetual shifts, how do we navigate our personal realms and emotions without being overwhelmed? Below, I share a few rituals and practices that can provide a sense of calm as we journey through these uncharted waters.

1. Journaling

Set aside a moment for yourself and your emotions. Take pen to paper, jotting down your feelings and the thoughts that surface. Pay close attention to the tone of voice you use when speaking to yourself. Consider tracking how these emotions and thoughts evolve over the span of the month. This is especially crucial as we step into an eclipse season, extending until the 29th of October, culminating with the Taurus Full Moon.

2. Rest

As eclipses carry a notably turbulent energy, while we are under a New Moon—a perfect phase for setting fresh intentions—it's essential to acknowledge that sometimes the intentions we set may not align with the path that is truly meant for us. So, take a break from intention setting and manifesting, and instead, allow yourself to rest. Truly, take a break from your magick if it feels resonant to do so.

3. Meditation

Ensure you carve out moments for introspection and move at a pace that resonates with you during this whirlwind eclipse season. To navigate the array of emotional shifts and embrace the healing bestowed upon us, we require moments of quiet solitude. Remember: it doesn't demand an extensive duration to be potent and impactful.

Even amidst this potent and chaotic celestial event, a profound healing opportunity awaits. This healing extends towards finding a stable and enduring balance while repairing our connections. It prompts us to reflect on how we relate to both ourselves and others, and how authentically we express our truth.

Within this Eclipse, a harmonious outcome will emerge. Initially, we might feel a bit off-kilter, yet we're on the trajectory toward greater peace and self-acceptance. While New Moons are opportune moments to set intentions, during a New Moon Solar Eclipse, the energies are notably chaotic. Consider softening your wishes during this time, and instead partake in a practice of gratitude for what is.

Amidst these formidable Eclipse energies, the true magic and healing lie in surrender and acceptance. Instead of striving to control the narrative, we surrender to the vast expanse of the Universe. We allow ourselves to flow, placing our trust in the knowledge that whatever unfolds is precisely what we need in our present state of consciousness.

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