We hold Magic with Pisces New Moon

Diving into the magic we hold. Welcome to the last New Moon of the astrological calendar year, Pisces ⚭

Pisces is not only the last of the water signs but also the last sign in the zodiac, making it the most etheric. It is connected to the 12th house and has a great influence on us to be able to mine our own shadows. It’s also connected to our deepest intuitive potential, and as we dive deep into our shadow world, the intuition becomes more clear. It’s almost as if when we face the blessed darkness, we are cleansing it.

A New Moon happens when the Earth finds herself between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sunlight from the moon, making her completely dark. Energetically a New Moon represents a new beginning, a time to look inwards and sit with what has been going on inside of us. This New moon is in Pisces, and that mystical sign will increase the desire to look inwards.

We are being asked to be fully honest with ourselves: Am I walking down my desired path?

Pisces is accompanied by the High Priestess archetype, She who invites us to connect deeper with our divine connection to ourselves and to the source/God/Goddess/Universe/nature.

The realization that our beings are full of potential, full of magic that we have yet to explore is one of the most beautiful things about this life. Every time we peel back another layer, heal our wounds, we are bringing to the surface our magic and ultimately, love.

In the constellations of this universe, we all have a purpose, we all play a special role, and with that role comes our own gifts. The High Priestess is here to guide us to what those gifts are. She is not afraid of the dark, or afraid to tune into her divine feminine wisdom to guide herself through the chaos.

She asks you know, “How may you best serve the world?”

We are being asked to step into our magic, for is through this path we are living our gifts, doing what we are here to do, and helping those we are here to help.

Winter is coming to a close. The snow is starting to melt, the rains are coming in and the earth is reemerging. Spring is just a few weeks away. Let’s take this New Moon to really make clear what we want for this time of rebirth.

Here are some practices to accompany you into your inner journey on this New Moon:

  • Stillness: while it may sound like you must not move, stillness for me implies stilling the mind. Can you do this by being in the garden and preparing it for spring, stilling the mind while walking in the woods and paying only attention to what is rebirthing, stillness in the mind as you jump your body into the cold and fresh waters of the lake or ocean... find stillness with nature.
  • Emote: As you feel things come to the surface, find ways to emote - sing, cry, dance, find a place that brings you into a state where you can release emotions - all of them
  • Intuit: Practice your intuitive guidance - go for a walk in an area you’re not as familiar with and allow your intuition to guide you to a place to eat, read, meet someone new. Allow the magic of the ordinary to unfold.
  • Get yourself into the water, fresh and flowing. Visualize it cleansing and washing away stagnancy in your physical and emotional body - watch what leaves be transmuted by you to something beautiful.
  • Drink and cleanse from the inside - move the stagnant inner energy from winter and bring in the new freshness of Spring into our bodies as well

Give yourself this month to feel. We have a lot of major events happening around the world that are heartbreaking and triggering. Do what you can to help, pray, send love, send money to trusted organizations, speak your mind.

But also hold your heart.

Use this new moon to sit with yourself, how are you really with everything going on?

New Moon blessings, my Love.


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